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Criminal Minds Fanfiction Finders

For when the fic is hiding from you.

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For when you just can't remember where that damn fic has gotten to!
This comm is for people who are a little on the forgetful side when it comes to all the really great CM fics out there! You know the one - you read a cool fic, but don't add it to your memories - then, months later, you're dying to read it again, but can't remember the name/author/anything relevant about it at all *sob*. So now, instead of repeated *headdesk*ing, drop us a line!

The best way to go about this is to be specific. For example, saying "I'm looking for this fic I read a while ago, it's really hot and has lots of Hotch/Reid sex" isn't going to get you very far. But something like "It was a CSI crossover, Grissom hooked it up with Gideon, and there were monkeys on rollerskates" is likely to yield more results (and now someone totally has to write that fic. Seriously, do it. I double dare you :) )

If you've lost a fic, let us know - hopefully someone will find it for you!

Note: Idea for this comm blatantly stolen from the Lost fic finders community, of which I am a proud member!

1. No pimping your own cool new fic, unless someone specifically asks for it (asking for general recs is ok, because the fandom is relatively small, but the emphasis is on relocating existing fic. So keep it relevant, y'all).

2. Keep it nice - don't bash anyone's choice of pairings, and whatnot. You know the drill, people.

3. Asking for the location of icons, pics, banners, etc is fine, if that's what you're into ;)

4. Be patient: if no-one replies to your fic request, please give it a week or two before asking about it again. In other words no "ZOMG why has noone found my fic for me OH NOOOOES!!!1!!!" everyday, because, you know, I'll just delete it. Because I'm the mod, and I get to do things like that, muahaha.

5. Any questions, ask 'em in a comment on the introductory post.

6. If you want to advertise your shiny new comm, your meme or anything else of interest in the world of Criminal Minds, run it by the mods. If the mods are okay with it, one of them will post the ad for you. Do not post it yourself, please. The owner and the mods of this comm reserve the right to deny such a request for any reason, though. Unapproved ads will be deleted without warning. (added 2010/04/29)

7. No RPF or RPF/x-over related posts are allowed in this comm, since the owner and some of the mods are not comfortable with it on a personal level. This doesn’t mean to judge anybody who likes it, but please respect that it exceeds the comfort level of some of us. (added 2010/04/29)

8. Offering to email copies of locked/deleted fics is no longer allowed here. Older posts trading with no longer available fics can stay up as long as the author doesn't complain but will be deleted upon request. For new posts it is no longer tolerated. (added 2012/10/24)

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