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Lost fic

Hey guys

I'm looking for a fic in which Reid and hotch were in an serious relationship for like ten years and hotch cheats on Reid with Beth and kicks Reid out of their house. Beth turns out to be a spy or something. I also remember hotch not liking their house at first but only buying it because Reid fell in love with it.


Sperm Donor Reid

Just reread The Donor by Dance_Elle_Dance and was wondering if people know of any more stories in which Reid is asked to be the donor for someones baby
Hey guys.

I need help finding a fanfiction. all I remember is that prentiss and Reid were dating before she faked her death but they break up afterwards.one time the team goes to their usual club/bar without asking Reid to come with them.

Looking for another story!

I'm looking for another story.
This story is reid!centric. The BAU team had raided someones house and Spencer gets kidnapped/taken while looking in one of the rooms, the twist is that when he is taken he is actually held in a hidden room in the house that the team doesn't know about. He is tied down to a table (maybe a medical table) and I think the unsub tortures him with a knife. The unsub has cameras in the house so he can see where the team is. I also remember (or think I remember) it being a complete story. The story is either on archiveofourown.org or fanfiction.net.
Thanks A Lot!

Hey guys

Hey guys

I'm looking for some fics where reid is in a serious relationship with a male that is not a member of the team. They can be in a serious realtionship and/or married to this person. If possible a long fic but I'll take anything.

Hi! Im looking for a couple general kinds of fanfic;

1. Anything where Reid is bullied after he joins B.A.U. (slash prefered)

2. Any fic's where Reid becomes Jacks dad/step-dad

3. Rossi/Reid fics

4. Anything where Reid or Hotch get super jealous
I'm looking for some fics where Hotch/Spencer are either in a relationship or on their way to one when the truth about Emily's death comes out. Thanks!

Looking for a story

I am looking for a story where Spencer gets hit by a car while saving Henry. I think it was about the time that Emily returned to the BAU. If I remember correctly they were at a party where the BAU and Spencer fight and after the fight Spencer leaves and as he leaves Henry runs into the road and Spencer catches him and throws him to the rest of the gang and he gets hit by the car. The story was either on fanfiction.net or archiveofourown.org.

Thanks a lot!!!


Okay so I've read a lot of HotchReid fanfics where Hotch is abusive, but I've been wondering, are there any MoReid fics where Morgan is abusive? It doesn't matter whatever form of abuse it is; Verbal, Emotional, Physical, Sexual. I just really want to see how people would write an abusive Morgan (no matter how unrealistic Morgan abusing Reid is)


Hi, so this is my first time posting on here so forgive if I, well, suck. But I'm looking for any fics where Reid goes the stereotypical kind of crazy. Y'know the giggly, wild kind they show in the movies. I just really want to see a giggly sadistic Reid. I just read a crossover with Dark Knight which was ReidXJoker (Strange pairing, I know, but it was great) and it just really gave me a need for a Reid that acts almost like Harley Quinn, I guess? I don't know, I'm terrible at wording these things, I'm sorry. Would be great if anyone has any recommendations, though :)

Also a note that I only really like slash or gen, no het if that's okay
(I really hope I tagged this right)
Hi everyone!

This is going to be vague and I'm sorry, but I can't remember much about the story. I'm pretty sure it was a Sentinel crossover, or at least used the Sentinel and Guide idea. Hotch and Reid were a Sentinel and Guide, maybe, and were the main focus of the fic? At some point in the story Jack and Henry were kidnapped or injured, I think, and the trauma caused them to awaken. I think Jack was a Sentinel and Henry was a Guide. Is this jogging anyone's memory?

Thanks for the help!

Specific abusive boyfriend fic

There was this one specific abusive omc x Reid fic and when the omc and Reid are dancing the omc stabs him and leaves him for dead but Morgan finds him and then the bau goes after the omc. Does anyone recognize this?

CM x reader

Hello everyone!

(Sorry if my englisch is kinda bad, it's my third language)

First, Im looking for any fics with bau team x female reader (If it is the whole team or specific members of the team doesn't matter), but non-romantic. Just like friendship etc. Preferably with the old team and fluff/angst/comfort/hurt reader :)

Second, I'm looking for the same type of fics, but where the reader is young, like 20 +/-. Maybe new to the team, or where someone on team is kind of a father figure or anything like that :)

I mostly like hotch/reader, morgan/reader, jj/reader and prentiss/reader, but I appreciate any other pairing too!

Thank you so much!

Moreid Mpreg

So there was this moreid mpreg story where Reid was sick and stuff and realized he was pregnant and when he went to the hospital and they drew blood and like during a case Derek suspected he was using so he told JJ and they confronted him about dilaudid and he got really mad and it ended up with moreid but it wasn't established at first. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Logan/reid stories

Hey guys,
I'm looking for some Logan (x-men) / reid stories

I'm also looking for one specific one where spencer leaves the bau and it found with the x-men and is like logan(made of metal). I remember spencer and Derek get into a fight. Iim pretty sure it was reid/Logan


The Instincts/Memoriam fics

Hey guys,

I posted something once before and everybody was of tremendous help, so I thought I'd renew the experience!
I'm looking for fics during or following the episodes The Instincts and Memoriam (4x06 - 4x07). I'd love any slash fics where Reid is with Hotch or with Morgan and they help him deal with everything or cope.
Similarly, I'd love any Moreid or Hotch/Reid fics that deal with Spencer's father leaving him and the impact that has on Reid today?

Basically, I'd love any fic you can find (my preference is for slash, but I'll take anything) that deals with Reid and his father leaving him, and where the team or someone on the team comforts him.

Thank you so much for any help you may be able to bring!

Specific Morgan x Reid Fics

So I remember once I read two fics that where one was based on the movie "How to lose a guy in ten days" and the other was based on "What's in a number" or "what's your number" something like that. Does anybody know what it is? Sorry for not that many details.

Threesome fics

Hi All,

You've all helped before so thought I'd come to you guys again.

I've have been reading a couple of multiple pairings/ threesome fics and was wondering if anyone could recommend any long(ish) stories that have the threesome pairings. I don't mind if it's 3xMale or 2guys & One of the BAU ladies or an OFC or 2 ladies and a guy or any other combo of multiple pairings even our crime fighting heros with and OC is fine.

I look forward to your recs.

Thank you 😊


A really long long time ago (like 2012) I read a few Reid whump fanfics on fanfiction.net that crucified the poor boy as a form of torture. Does anyone have any idea what they were called? I totally wasn't into bookmarking stories back then and I have no idea if they are still out there. Please help!

Normal Au

Is there any au where spencer isn't in the bau? I would like if it was Morgan X Reid but gen is fine. It would be great if there is also an au where spencer is an angel or a supernatural being!

Looking for a Garcia/Morgan pre bau fic

Garcia is under protection and falls for Morgan she wants him but he's trying to do his job watch over her but she makes it impossible pretty much walking around in next to nothing he leaves and it ends with her getting assigned to bay and seeing Morgan again that ringing any bells.


Hello everyone,

I'm just re-watching series 10 and was wondering if anyone had read any fics where Reid and Dylan Einstein (episode 14) get together?

Thank you in advance,

Boo x

Protective of Reid

Hi! I'm sorry if this has been asked before or if this message isn't posted in the right tags, etc... It's my first time using this community, so I hope I'm doing okay :) !

I have two separate request, one is very general and the other one is a little more specific, I hope it's okay to post them in the same post!

1) I'm looking for any fics where the team is protective of Reid. Would love it to be because one of the local police officers, someone else on the FBI, a new team member or anyone really isn't really respectful towards Reid (Like in episode 3x20 for instance, where the LEO says: I see you brought your own computer) and to see the team basically come to his defense, but I'll take anything you think I may enjoy! I have a preference for slash, especially Hotch/Reid or Morgan/Reid, but I'll take any fic that has protective team!

2)The second thing I'm looking for is very general. I've only entered the Hotch/Reid fandom a little while ago, and although I feel like I've read a lot of the amazing fics out there, I am certain that I'm missing some amazing gems, so I was wondering if you would mind maybe sharing some of your favourite Hotch/Reid fanfics? Any kind of fics, although I prefer ones that follow the show vs AUs. I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for any help you can bring me, and thank you to all the people that take the time to answer these posts, you are all life savers!


Hey everyone,
Unusual request: but is there any fixes that crossover with The Addams Family? Maybe with Reid as one? I stumbled across a ficlet with the crossover and it seems like such an interesting idea.
If not, any with him having a stranger darker family like that. Which he's completely fine with but the BAU may be weirded out by?
Please and thank you
H xo

Hotchner/Reid fic

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a specific fix from Reid's POV. Hotch is on leave to watch Jack while his ex-wife is on her honeymoon with her new husband. The evening after the wedding Hotch calls Reid, upset because Jack is sick and had to go to the hospital.

Any ideas?

Thank you


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