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Reid has his own BAU team

I'm 95% sure I read this on AO3 and I've been hunting but I just can't find it. Which is really annoying me!

Basically Reid runs a separate BAU team and there's something of a friendly rivalry between his team and Hotch's. Hotch's team gets called in to rescue Reid's when something goes wrong. Other teams in the FBI have been taking bets as to which team will have to rescue the other. It's Hotch/Reid but that's officially at least a secret to his team.

Anyone know what this is? It's possible that I may have got some details slightly wrong.

thanks everyone!
Hi all

I started reading a fic last night but didn't get to the end of the chapter now I can't see it.

It's a Spencer/reader (which I normally hate but it's good) where your a friend of Garcia and she takes the team to meet you at a bar the team leave you two alone to go get drinks and you move across the table to sit near Spencer and starts talking to him.

Sorry it's not a lot but does it ring any bells?

Looking for specific Hotchner fic

Hello. I'm looking for an old fanfic. It is from very early in the show before we know any of Hotch's background. A serial killer takes the team to Hotch's home town. The killer turns out to be a women who leaves behind white roses on the men she kills. It turns out she thinks of Hotch as a white knight or prince charming ideal. She kills men who don't live up to the image. It is pre-Reid/Hotch. I think that I read it on fanfiction.net.


I'm looking for a fic where Reid's leg is damaged enough to need a cane permanently and so he leaves the BAU and starts working as a teacher and the kids call him dr cane evenuall he becomes Jack's teacher I know I read it somewhere and it's driving me crazy trying to find it

Spencer Reid kid fics

Ayy so im on a hunt for all spencer reid kid fics, any recommendations are welcome, preferably aus

bonus points if hotch is the adopted father

please no de-aged fics!

Reid/Morgan missing fic

Hey guys

I'm looking for a story I can't find where morgan and Reid are married with a daughter, and Reid is expecting, but before her can tell Morgan, morgan fake dies and Reid thinks it's real

Any ideas

Reid Dying in Emergency Room

So I've been looking for a fic I read a while back on ff.net (I can't remember if it was a one-shot or a chapter in a collection of drabbles) in which Reid is dying while an emergency team tries to save him. The cause is unspecified and I think I remember him experiencing an out-of-body state watching the doctors work on him. I know it's not much to go on but I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

Reid Hotch father son

Hey everyone, I was wondering if you guys could help me find a fix I read ages ago.
I remember the first scene was to do after the Foyett had killed Hayley. Reid finds out Hotch is thinking about giving Jack to Jessica for reasons. Reid convinces him not to but Hotch fires Reid in the argument. It gets made up later it's just the prominent scene I remember.
Please and Thanks everyone
H xx

Ethan as Unsub?

Hello! Just wondering if anyone knows of some good Ethan as the unsub fics? I'll also take William Reid as unsub if you've got 'em. Thanks in advance!
Hi, I've been looking for this one fic forever, it's mostly focused on Reid. In the fic he isn't in the BAU and he's working in a precinct. The captain is dirty (along with some of the force) and involved in prostitution and such and is blackmailing Spencer into working for him (kind of, he's making Reid pay back his 'debt'). The BAU shows up in town because prostitutes are being murdered and are suspicious that something's up with Reid and towards the end the captain ends up trying to sell Reid to another pimp.

I don't remember much else but I think Rossi saved him from getting raped in the bathroom of the precinct, Reid got picked up by the killer at some point (maybe?), and Morgan stopped him from killing himself (maybe?). I don't really know though.
I'm re-watching some episodes from Season 7, and just like the first time around I really don't like the character of Beth. I can't figure out why she bugs me so much.

So now I'm looking for two types of stories:
1. Bad Beth: stories where she is evil, or rude, or where the team or Jack don't like her very much. (In other words, stories that support why I don't like her! :) )
2. Good Beth: stories where she gets along well with the team, Jack likes her a lot, she and Hotch have a really good relationship. (In other words, stories that make me like her)

I will read gen, het, or slash.



Hi there! I love soulmate stories specifically involving Reid and another male character. Can be Hotch, Morgan or Rossi.

I have read a few out there, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I can't remember the titles of the ones I have read, but that's okay, I don't mind re-reading them.

Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

Reid is saved from drowning

Hey guys!
I have been looking for this fic and I can't seem to find it. The whole team was at someone's house with a pool, everyone was hanging out and Morgan decided to throw Reid in the pool but it turned out that Reid didn't know how to swim. So he was drowning and Morgan swam in and saved him and Reid's responds was something like "thanks for saving me" and Morgan was really worried because Reid shouldn't have felt that way.
If anyone knows what I'm talking about that would be great!

Couple Fics (Team/OC)

Hello again! I have some requests and these are some romance one's I'm looking for. I'm a sucker for OC/Character novels.

1- Reid/FemaleOC
I've read quite a few Fanfiction.net ones but I can never find any well-written ones. I prefer one's with a different story line to the typical ones - so please no fics with "Reid falling in love with the new BAU agent". It gets old after a while :)

2- Jack(Hotchner)/FemaleOC
I don't think I've ever seen any fics with Jack when he's older. It will be interesting to see if there are any.

3- Morgan/FemaleOC
I can only find Morgan/Garcia fics :( As much as I love them, I would like to see a brand new character falling for our favourite Chicago-born agent.

4- Any Hotch/FemaleOC fics.
Can't find any of them :(

5- Any fics that have an OC as an agent, but she is is married or in a relationship with someone else that isn't on the team. Something happens between them and the team comfort her as she goes through the divorce/break-up/death.

6- Any fics where Emily's child survived, and they fins each other again.

7- Any Rossi's OCdaughter fics out there?

8- Any fics where Reid has a younger or older sister that he takes care of.
Please no typical ones where somehow he didn't know he had a sister, and they magically find each other. I want one's where he brings her up after sending Diana to the hospital.

9- Any fics where JJ has a daughter.

10- Garcia has an assistant

11- Fics where the main character is accused to be the unsub (but isn't)

12- OCFemale has Stockholm syndrome

Sorry for the many requests! Thank you all.

Team x OC FF

Im looking for some Team x OC Smut fics.

I prefer Hotch/OC, Reid/OC, and Morgan/OC but I'll read other pairings too.

I also prefer it not being slash. Before any of you get offended, I'm not homophobic. I like the team straight since they are staright in the show. Don't kill me :/

Reid left for dead, family killed.

I just read this and now I can't find it. It unfinished, the team gets a case where the unsub is killing families. The crime scene is not found for some time because he strikes just as the family is going on vacation so they are not missed. As the team is investigating one of the older cases is the Reid family and they find out that the parents were killed but Spencer survived and is in a hospital for the mentally ill. That is where the story ends for now and I want to add it to my alerts in case the author updates. Thank you!

FOUND: Murphy's Luck by Timelesstears on AO3

Reid and his dad

I'm not sure if this was a real fix or if imagined it but Reid was sleeping and there was a knock on the door he answered it and it was his dad, I remember him letting his dad in and they were talking but then his dad got violent and beat and stabbed him I think, his dad then stays and while waiting for Reid to bleed out and die the team comes and they shot his dad and save him. Hopefully someone recognizes this!

Reid kidnapped, baby, blankets at funeral

A couple of years ago I read a fanfic. Reid gets kidnapped with a woman and they get a baby (I think it was a girl) while imprisoned. The baby dies and the team finds them. At the funeral, Reid requests (I think through Garcia) that the mourners bring blankets instead of flowers, because the baby had never seen flowers while alive, but did have experienced warmth. Caltech brought a blanket in Caltech colours, I think.

I'm not sure what happened to the mother after they were found.

Abusive girlfriend

Hey! I'm looking for any fics where Reid is in a relationship with a girl and she is abusing him? I've read a lot of boyfriend abuse fics but I was wondering if anyone knew any girlfriend abuse fics?
Thanks! xxx

Team, except Reid and Garcia, kidnapped

Looking for a specific fic:

All the members of the BAU are kidnapped, except Reid and Garcia. The team brought in to investigate thinks Garcia has something to do it, arrests her and takes her to jail. Reid is ambushed when visiting her in jail, but the kidnap attempt is foiled.

Hope someone can help, thanks!

Reid Fics

I have a few requests and I would love it if anyone could help me.

1. I would love to read anything that has Reid being collared - it could be BDSM or whump or anything really. I have read some of the more popular stories that mention collars but if there are any deep cuts that you know about I would really appreciate it.
2. A long time ago I read a "Titanic" rewrite that had Reid and Morgan as Rose and Jack, respectively. I, obviously, did not save the link. Does anyone know if it's still out there and if so do you have a link?
3. Against didn't save the link to a story about Reid and he was getting married to a woman that no one liked. He met Morgan before the wedding and he liked him but he didn't want to leave his fiance. The girls were his friends and they hated his fiance. I think that Derek was a cop or something and that the girls like him and wanted Spencer to pursue Morgan.

Any help/suggestions for any of these needs is greatly appreciated!
Thanks a bunch!!

Looking for SF.

Hi again,apparently I never learn, and so here I am again.

I don't have much to go on for this one, but what I remember is the beginning. Or parts of it. (At least I think it's the beginning, lol)
The team is standing at a playground, they have just found a missing little girl. A toddler I think. And Hotch is holding her, and she is cooing at him and just being adorable.
The team is standing around being a bit astound by the look on their Unit Chief, who is smiling at the little girl and totally being adorable with her. Playing with her and making her laugh. Which it's commented in the fic from someones POV as it's nice to see this side of him as he doesn't show much emotions these days and doesn't smile. (Believe it's set after Foyet)

I think the writer describes them as waiting for the rest of the rescue team to get to where they are, bringing her parents a long as well. (But I can be wrong about the parents).
I believe there is something about how Hotch is looking at Reid as well, as it might have been a H/R fic, but I am unsure on that.

Anyone have any idea where this is, I have now tried to backtrack myself on fic reading for the last week, and for the life of me I can't find it. *Sad face*

Anyway, thanks in advance of all your help!

Emily/Derek fic

I have some requests hopefully somone can help me the first one is a specific fic and the others are not

1) Derek introduces team to his new gf, I think her name is Aimee but I could be wrong, and Emily knows her from somewhere and after that all I remember is the had a threesome ?

2) Anything to do with Emily meeting Derek's family

3) Derek or Emily having a gf/bf but crushing on each other


Hotch cheating on Haley

Any fics where Hotch cheats/thinks about cheating / or even Haley thinks he's cheating on her with another woman, preferably Emily or JJ but honestly don't mind to much

looking for Reid romance fics

Hi all I'm on Reid romance kick at the moment.

I tend to read het(Reid/Emily) but open to all what are some of your faves? and I would prefer they are completed.



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