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Reid joining the BAU

Does anyone know of any fics about the very early days of Reid first joining the BAU, so pre-show? Especially anything about how the other members react when they first meet him?

Looking for a Emily / Spencer story

I'm looking for a Emily / Spencer story. the plot goes something like this.

After too much drinking in Vegas the get married and later on try to get an annulment / divorce but the judge orders them to a couple of months of dating.

Anyone heard of the story?

Thanks, Aydan

Me again!

Hey, I have been turning the internet upside down and I still can't find any fanfictions featuring Reid x Dylan Einstein (you guys remember Dylan, right? From the episode Hero Worship in season 10?). I still haven't found any and I was wondering if anyone at all knew of any. If there are none, I shall write as many as need be to get the word of this amazing ship to everyone.

Morgan/Reid Authors

Hi Im looking for people to rec their favorite Morgan/Reid slash authors. ive read all of justjasper,and Coffeebuddah's works. I'm looking more in the lines of that. All recs appreciated.

Specific Fic -- Post Doyle team dinner

Hi all!

I'm looking for a specific story about the pasta party thing that Rossi hosted after Emily came back from the Doyle situation. I think that everyone thought that Reid was way too upset about the whole situation, and then Rossi was the only one who stood up for him, and left his own house to go check on Spencer.
I seriously spent almost all day trying to find this fic, so any help would be appreciated. Actually, any good recommendations for other stories along those same lines, Reid being rightfully upset after Emily comes back, I would love to read.


Did I imagine this?

Hey guys!
So I remember reading a fic awhile ago and it was pretty long but I can only remember one part. Morgan and Reid were a couple and Reid was pregnant, they were on a case and they interview an unsub in jail, Reid is very nervous and weird about it but won't admit anything. Then Reid goes missing and Garcia reveals that the unsub they interviewed had raped Reid in the past and while they are looking for Reid he ends up in the hands of the now escaped unsub who rapes and beats him repeatedly. Reid is evenchaully resusced but ends up lossing his baby.
Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Please Help

I read a Hotch/Reid fic a while back and I really want to find it again but I can't seem locate it. Basically it was where Hotch took Reid to have Christmas dinner with his family. While he's there, he reveals that he and Reid are in a serious relationship and things just kind of go crazy. Hotch's mom goes off about how it's not natural (Reid comments on how her died hair is also not natural). At one point, Jack refers to Hotch's team as his aunts and uncles and Hotch's mom goes off on how family is only who you're born with and causes another big argument. I hope these details help! Anyone with any info please let me know! Thanks!

Reid as role model

Hi, I was just rereading The Art of Addition and Lessons through Gingerbread by Pixie Altaira on ffnet, and I'm really in the mood for some of the same. Pairing isn't all that important as long as it's not an OC, but I really want Spencer bonding with children, especially Henry or Jack. Bonus points if the team is surprised/amazed by the lack of Reid Effect.

Elephant's Memory fic

Hi. I'm looking for a fic based on Spencer's story from Elephant's memory. It has two parts and in the first part, some bikers saved little Spenser in the football field incident. In the second part, Spencer is grown up and in the BAU and somehow happened upon the bikers again. They had lost touch and were thrilled to learn Spencer grew up happy and successful. The bikers and their group actually help children and they end up helping the BAU solve a case. I'm pretty sure I read it on fanfiction.net

All I remember for this fic is that Reid ends up in a building alone, waiting to ride out a rainstorm and encounters a cat he names Schrodinger. I think this one was a GEN fic. I think Reid was with Morgan but they get separated.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Lfs; season 11 spoilers!

Any Morgan/Reid fics dealing with Derek's departure

A fic in which Savannah died in childbirth and Spencer steps in. Eventual Morgan/Reid
I have a a hankering to read some Reid brain tumour ( just re read Spencer your needed)or some kind of other illnesses from the team but they some how find out. Any recommendations?

This is my first time posting here....I am desperately searching for good fics where Reid is being stalked by someone (ex, unsub), has a stalker or an overly possessive boyfriend, or is being abused in a relationship and Morgan or Hotch are very protective.

Also, looking for any fics where Morgan or Hotch could be the abuser or possessive one.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me!

P.S. Sorry for all the tags...lol.

Reid centric fic Reid in porn

I can't find a fic I read where Reid had done porn as a young adult and it was his first time having sex that was caught on screen. The top was into Daddy/boy and had Reid call him daddy. Does anyone recognize this and know where I can find it? Thanks in advance!

LFS: Series of fics Morgan/Reid related

I'm not sure if there was an actual name to this series, but I remember Reid jumping into the street to save a little boy from being hit by a truck, only to find out that this little boy was Morgan's son.

Reid was recovering from an injury (stitches?) and he opens them up when he rolls under the truck. Anyone remember the author/authors of this fic and/or the series name?

Also when Reid is recovering in the hospital, Gideon shows up

Reid as a Past Sex Worker

Hi! I've been looking for this fic forever, so I thought I'd try asking if anyone could help me out. The team is trying to find a killer who killed a prostitute (I think), so they bring in one of the other sex workers who was friends with the girl who is killed. The problem is that they can't get her to trust them and open up. Then Reid gets her to open up because he was forced into sex work by his dad when he was young. He also had the nickname Blue, or something like that I think. If anyone could point me in the right direction, that'd be awesome. Thanks!

Morgan/Reid Gen/Slash fics

Hey all!

So...I was wondering if their were any fics dealing with Reid's feelings for Morgan leaving the team. Gen or Slash.

PS: If there is any, please, please, please, give me some where Reid feels betrayed and hurt because Morgan left him for Savanna.

Thanks all!

Reid Abducted to be sold as Slave

Hi. This is my first time ever using a fic finder community of any kind so please bear with me and if I have posted something in the wrong area or something please let me so I can change it. Onwards...

I skimmed the first chapter or two of this fic so I only remember a little bit but it was about Reid getting abducted and ending up in a room (I think chained though not sure) where he finds out he is being recorded so he can be sold as a slave. (I think it is man and woman who tell him that when he wakes up in the room) Once the man and woman leave Reid crawls into a corner I think and is very scared. (Unsure whether he woke up with any clothes on or not).

That's all I remember sadly since I again only skimmed the first chapter or two right before bed and was going to read it the next day but well that didn't happen.

I know for sure it is not Trafficking by Ahmose_Inarus.

Thanks so much for your time and I am really hoping one of you might know what fic I am looking for. Sorry again for the lack of detail I remember. Have a wonderful day!!!

I'm fairly new to CM fandom and have been devouring the excellent fic, but have not bookmarked as well as I hoped.

I'm looking for an ER Hotch/Reid where Spencer thinks Hotch isn't introducing him to Jack because he's not serious, but Hotch is afraid the reality of a kid will scare Reid away. Additional detail: iirc, the fic opens with Reid getting disappointed that Hotch brings Jack to the office and still doesn't formally introduce them. Once Reid and Hotch talk about why Hotch didn't, Reid gets scared, I think, that Jack won't like him or that he'll screw up so he starts avoiding meeting Jack. Happy ending once the guts talk. Any pointers greatly appreciated!

I also have 3 general fic searches/rec requests:

1. Aggressive Reid who goes after what he wants with Hotch, with or without Oblivious!Hotch, a la the wonderful Evidently Unaware by travelinthedark, or any fic where Hotch is less in control of the relationship and likes it.
2. Jealous or possessive Reid, who doesn't like other people messing with his Hotch.
3. Bamf!Reid who kicks ass either intellectually or physically and rescues Hotch, bonus if Hotch was threatened/kidnapped by a personal stalker.

Happy endings only, please.

Thank you so much for any help!
Ps. Edited to add some more details regarding the specific fic search.
Hello! I'm relatively new to the CM fandom, and I'm looking for two things.

1) Specific Fic
I lost a fic where a family member of Reid's (an uncle, I think?) was an unsub. I believe it was on either FFN or A03.

2) General Rec Search
After rewatching Corazon (where many scenes, particularly those in the beginning of the episode have 'prophetic visions' written all over them) I find myself wanting a supernatural Reid.
Not necessarily a Reid who is a supernatural being (like a vampire or a shapeshifter), but a fic in which he has supernatural abilities (like telepathy, empathy, prophetic visions, etcetera). Fics in which Reid has these powers as a result of being a supernatural being are okay, although I would like the emphasis be to on the powers themselves rather than a nonhuman state.

Many, many thanks to any who want to share their knowledge of CM fics and fandom.
I read this ages ago, but all I remember is Reid having had some injury and maybe being afraid of the dark.

Both teams are under lockdown, I think Garcia was trying to hack into NCIS to get the CM team out.

I think at some point Reid had to climb into an elevator shaft.

I hope I'm not mixing fics!

Fingers crossed!



Thanks Everyone!!

self harm spencer fics

im looking for any/all fics focussed on spencer and self harm

also if you have any eating disorder/depression/anxiety/OCD fic recs too that'd be great!!!

any/no pairings are great!

Mar. 13th, 2016

I'm looking for a fic where some guys Spencer was with in college start getting murdered, and at first Reid tells Hotch, but by the 2nd time he comes out to the team and they go to help figure it out. And a friend of Reid's that's a lesbian helps identify done of the people from college. The husband of a guy Reid was with is kidnapped, but it is revealed that his husband kidnapped him and held him at his construction company. Reid figures this out and heads or there and is taken hostage and then the rest of the group realizes this and heads over, Morgan first and it's revealed that Reid has feelings for Morgan.

bombing fic

Yoooo my friends. Hi. So, like always, I'm going crazy looking for a fic and I can't find it to save my life. Curse you, google! Anyway, it goes like this: there is an explosion, and Hotch, Prentiss, and Reid are in the building when it happens, with the unsub. Hotch is the least hurt because Emily shuts a door on him before the bomb goes off, or something?? And Reid is pretty hurt?? And Morgan is looking for him under all the rubble?? All the stuff about the bomb is told in flashbacks, and the team is working on a new case with a new agent, because Prentiss was hurt too much to come back, I assume. I don't think the fic was finished, but I can't remember. That's all I remember, so any help would be appreciated! :D

Reid's wife is also a doctor?

Hi, I'm searching for an old fic. The pairing is Reid/OFC.

What I remember is that one of Reid's former bullies come to Viginia searching for Reid because of a case? She went searching for Reid in his wife's office because his wife is also Dr. Reid?

That's all I can remember though. Is there anyone who know it?

Thank you


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