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CrossOver with Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a great show and it's on it's 4 season and I still cannot find any crossover fics for it with Criminal Minds :(

Does anyone know of any lurking in the shadows? Pretty plz with sugar on top

Crossover with X-Men

I remember i read a fic a long time ago and would love to read it again. It was a Crossover with X-Men Reid was experimented on by using Logans DNA and he became a feline called Mischief (i think) I remember it was a ReidxLogan pairing.

Any help would be great.
Sorry about the tags, Laptop is not great

Demily fanfic

Does anyone know the name of a fanfic where Derek hasn't seen or know from Emily and then he finds her but when he goes see her she has a daughter and then he realise that he is the father. Emily works as a private investigator. Then Emily gets kidnapped and he and the team tries to find her.

Thanks :D


I think it was the subject of a post w/in the last couple of years but I'm looking for a fic where Reid was really left on the steps of the FBI and raised by Rossi.  I think it was a Hotch/Reid fic but I can't find it anywhere.

A/B/O fics

I'm looking for Hotch/Reid relationship fics that feature alpha/beta/omega dynamics. Preferably with Reid being an omega. Any rating is acceptable. Thank you so much.

(If anyone does know of a specific fic that does fall into the above category that involves Hotch going into an "alpha drop" due to Hayley cheating, that'd be helpful also. It's been driving me nuts looking for this fic.)

Morgan Hotch and Reid Pairing?

Hey everybody I read a fic awhile ago and can't seem to find it again. It was a fic where hotch and Morgan are a couple and they take single Reid out clubbing and reveal they all have feelings for each other. They go back to someone's place and are getting ready to do the dirty when Reid bolts into the bathroom because he is embarrassed to show his body, I think he had self harm scars or cuts? Morgan and hotch however comfort and assure him he is loved no matter what.
Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
It was a kidnapping reid fanfic. I can't remember much but it's KILLING ME that i can't find it. I just want to be sure it exists and im not CRAZY.
I can only remember one scene, because it got to me.
Reid was being deprived of food, and when the unsub finally fed him, reid found the food odd. And it had turned out to be the remains of one of the unsub's past victims.
Gruesome, but im determined to find it again.

Any help would be appreciated.

Omega/sub Reid

Looking for a fic where Reid is either a sub or omega and is supposed to be Aaron's mate or sub but Rossi has to save him as he is getting neglected (or abused)

Reid buried alive?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you know any stories where Reid gets buried alive?
I was rewatching revelations where tobias tells him that he's going to bury him alive.
(Poor reid)

Bonus points for moreid
(Morgan and Reid)
Thx in advance

(I don't mind AU's but it would be nice if they would already be part of the BAU)

Trying to find a line in a fic

This may be a long shot but I'm remembering a line in a fanfic and it's driving me nuts. The scene is the team on the airplane. The line is Emily(?) whispering to Aaron about Spencer, "The little prince is sleeping." I'm pretty sure it's Hotch/Reid since I was binging on that pairing.



So I just thought of a Reid/Morgan fic I read years (and YEARS ago) about them meeting in college (or was that high school?) and

That's it. You can see my dilemma, right? I'm not even sure if it really was a college au, just that I read it here on LJ and it was a chartered fic, long, and I remember that they became friends? And Morgan played basketball? Or was it football? Was I dreaming this? So I guess what I'm asking is if you have any recs, I'd love to read them and maybe find the one I lost. Cheers!

Maybe I just WANT to write my own HS/college AU

Finale fics

Hey all!

I'm looking for any fics with the Hotch/Reid pairing based off the season finale and dealing with the aftermath of everything


Any stories based off the season finale. Don't care what pairing just any, all or none.

Hey me again. Does anyone know if stories like these have been written. I feel like I read a story similar to these two. But I could have dreamed about them.

Reid was adopted when he was just a baby by Diana and William Reid. FBI and police found Reid as an infant surrounded by six dead people (killed in the most horrible way), all of them not related or parents to Reid. Gideon and Rossi worked the case but never found the killer. Reid joined the BAU but doesn’t want anyone to know about his past. Even Gideon and Rossi don’t realize who he is because when he was adopted they gave him a name (because no one found out who he belonged to,) and moves to Vegas. Reid keeps file of case with him and still continues to look for answers.


Reid’s mother (Diana Reid) was a profiler. The first woman profiles in the BAU. Had an affair with David Rossi. Rossi married or not is up to you. Reid’s mother moved to Las Vegas with Reid and had a schizophrenia, when David Rossi didn’t return her love.

Has some of these in each story.

• Father still left when he was a kid. Had to take care of mother. Been through a few foster homes a couple of times because of it.
• Kept police off his mother by having sexual intercourse with the chief of the police in the LAPD.
• Was still bullied as a kid.
• He put his mom in a mental institution at 18 when his mother came at him with a kitchen knife, because of her schizophrenia.
• Met Gideon not that later.
• Ethan and Reid are sex friends.
• Reid is 19 years old when he joins the BAU.

Younger Reid.

Are there any stories where Reid is younger than he is? Like 19 years old and he joins the team? I remember there being one but the I can't remember the name.

LF some Reid centric fics

I'm not looking for a specific fic, instead I was hoping that someone could rec me some fics about following subjects:
1) Any fic where it's more obvious that usual to the team how intelligent Reid is, maybe in relation to some very smart character or UNSUB, or in a college setting with other very smart people.
2) Any fic where the team realize that Reid knows John (the FBI guy at the Clean Cops meeting in Elephant's memory). The team doesn't have to know how they know each other.

Slash, gen or het is all ok. No AU's please.

BAU Mutants

Does anyone know if there is any stories about the team having mutant powers? I read one story about how the team was younger (teenage years) and they were at a school for mutants, kind of like X-men. But it wasn't a like one of those crossover for X-men. Does anyone know if their are any others like that? The story I read is called Mutants, by kitkat2013. To warn anyone that wants to read it, it's uncompleted.

Reid joining the BAU

Does anyone know of any fics about the very early days of Reid first joining the BAU, so pre-show? Especially anything about how the other members react when they first meet him?

Looking for a Emily / Spencer story

I'm looking for a Emily / Spencer story. the plot goes something like this.

After too much drinking in Vegas the get married and later on try to get an annulment / divorce but the judge orders them to a couple of months of dating.

Anyone heard of the story?

Thanks, Aydan

Me again!

Hey, I have been turning the internet upside down and I still can't find any fanfictions featuring Reid x Dylan Einstein (you guys remember Dylan, right? From the episode Hero Worship in season 10?). I still haven't found any and I was wondering if anyone at all knew of any. If there are none, I shall write as many as need be to get the word of this amazing ship to everyone.

Morgan/Reid Authors

Hi Im looking for people to rec their favorite Morgan/Reid slash authors. ive read all of justjasper,and Coffeebuddah's works. I'm looking more in the lines of that. All recs appreciated.

Specific Fic -- Post Doyle team dinner

Hi all!

I'm looking for a specific story about the pasta party thing that Rossi hosted after Emily came back from the Doyle situation. I think that everyone thought that Reid was way too upset about the whole situation, and then Rossi was the only one who stood up for him, and left his own house to go check on Spencer.
I seriously spent almost all day trying to find this fic, so any help would be appreciated. Actually, any good recommendations for other stories along those same lines, Reid being rightfully upset after Emily comes back, I would love to read.


Did I imagine this?

Hey guys!
So I remember reading a fic awhile ago and it was pretty long but I can only remember one part. Morgan and Reid were a couple and Reid was pregnant, they were on a case and they interview an unsub in jail, Reid is very nervous and weird about it but won't admit anything. Then Reid goes missing and Garcia reveals that the unsub they interviewed had raped Reid in the past and while they are looking for Reid he ends up in the hands of the now escaped unsub who rapes and beats him repeatedly. Reid is evenchaully resusced but ends up lossing his baby.
Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Please Help

I read a Hotch/Reid fic a while back and I really want to find it again but I can't seem locate it. Basically it was where Hotch took Reid to have Christmas dinner with his family. While he's there, he reveals that he and Reid are in a serious relationship and things just kind of go crazy. Hotch's mom goes off about how it's not natural (Reid comments on how her died hair is also not natural). At one point, Jack refers to Hotch's team as his aunts and uncles and Hotch's mom goes off on how family is only who you're born with and causes another big argument. I hope these details help! Anyone with any info please let me know! Thanks!

Reid as role model

Hi, I was just rereading The Art of Addition and Lessons through Gingerbread by Pixie Altaira on ffnet, and I'm really in the mood for some of the same. Pairing isn't all that important as long as it's not an OC, but I really want Spencer bonding with children, especially Henry or Jack. Bonus points if the team is surprised/amazed by the lack of Reid Effect.


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