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Weird requests

Hey! This is my first time posting so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but I'm looking for a couple fics.
1. I remember reading a fic awhile ago where Reid was still on crutches from being shot and hotch was hurt from foyet but hotch thought it was necessary Reid was punished for luring about being cleared to fly. Then hotch punished Reid by spanking him with a paddle. There was a lot of arguing and hotch was anger and hurt Reid really bad?? Idk if this is even a real fic or I just made it up.

2. Then I read, I think it was a part of a few drabbles but I can't be sure. The team is on a case and the police are picking on Reid. Morgan finds out and the chief gets mad at the officers. The officers get put on suspension but before they do they take there anger out on Reid. They handcuff him to a cop car outside the station and beat him up. It's really cold outside and Reid has to wait for the team to save him.???

Any idea???
Thanks so much :)


So The Big Game and Revelations were just on TV and I was wondering if there are any slash or gen (no het, please!) reccomendations for the aftermath, or something involving Reid's drug use? I'll take Reid with anyone but Gideon or UNSUBs, but gen is prefered. I don't mind if it's recovery, or just an insight into how Reid's feeling at the time, or his PTSD?
Thank you! 

Cancer!Reid/OC slash story

Hiya. I'm looking for a slash story about Reid who has a brain tumor. He's in a relationship with a male OC who's a Broadway actor. The OC comes back home to Reid after taking a break from his show, only to find out Reid doesn't have much time to live. They make love all night long. The story includes how they met, etc. but their love story is only a minor part of the entire story.

Also, Reid has a father/son relationship with Gideon who sits by Reid when Reid dies watching the sunset. The OC is also there when Reid peacefully dies. There was a scene before that where Reid and Morgan have a mishap w/coffee, but Reid doesn't feel the heat of the coffee on his hand at all, which is a symptom of his tumor getting worst.

In the ending/epilogue, Garcia and the OC are walking to or away from Reid's grave. I think Garcia mentions that they have a new member, and the OC is a much more famous actor who is still single because of Reid.

It was a beautiful story. Thank you for your time!

Reid and Hotch

Hello all,

I'm looking for a fic that I only have a vague memory of. Hotch moves into Reid's spare room, I think there wasn't much space to move and eventually he buys a new bed. I don't know if it was slash or friendship only.

Sorry for the lack of details, I think it's either on FF or LJ and it's several years old.

Any help would be great, because it's annoying me!

Prentiss, Reid fic recs please

Hello, there! This is my first time posting in this community. I'm wondering if there are any fics out there that deal with the relationship between Emily Prentiss/Ian Doyle or "Lauren Reynolds"/Ian Doyle. Also, I'm curious if there are any Reid/Rossi fics (can be friendship but prefer slash/established relationship) where Reid tells Rossi about the events of "Revelations." Thanks in advance!

I KNOW that this story exists!

I am looking for a specific fanfic I've already read, but now I can't remember what site I read it on. It features Spencer Reid and Erin Strauss, where he's asking her all these questions about sex while she's both perturbed and (maybe) a little interested. I thought it was on, but I did a fairly exhaustive search and couldn't find it. I greatly appreciate any help anyone can give. :-)


Hey y'all, I'm looking for some new CM fics to read :)

I'm looking for any crossover fics where the team are investigating a case involved with characters from another fandom. Any fandom really, except for Buffy & related shows. Thanks!

Searching for a Morgan/Reid fic

Hello everyone,

this is my first anything on livejournal, so I hope I am doing it right and that someone out there can help me out.

I read a fanfiction about Morgan and Reid a couple of weeks ago and have been searching for days now to find it again, without any results.
I remember that they were taken by the unsub and tied to or next to a bomb in some kind of building. There was a countdown (like: 5:23:45) and they were in love with each other without having told the other. So when the countdown keeps approaching the time of the explosion they admit they love each other. Then the countdown reaches 00:00:00 and they think they die. But the unsub made a mistake and the bomb doesn't explode and the team eventually finds them.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what the story is called and /or where to find it. :)

Looking for a Hotch/Reid fic with drugs

Hey everyone!

I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. It started off with Reid being suspended for 2 weeks and beings to take Dilaudid again but in pill form. Morgan tells Hotch that he suspects that Reid is using again and Hotch decides to go to Reid's place to confront him. Reid is already high when he gets there and he ransacks the apartment to find the drugs and eventually finds them in the bathroom? Then they have all these nice moments where Hotch tries to help Reid out of his withdrawal.

Edit: Might have been set around Elephant's Memory time

Thanks :)

reid/morgan fic

hi im looking for a fic I read a while ago where reid is not out to the team and then they get called to a case in California where all the victims are exes of his and the unsub turns out to be one of his exes husbands who is jealous of reid. thanks

Reid commits suicide it's all very sad

Hello there!
I read a fic a while a go (maybe on ao3 but i checked the suicide tag) about Reid who commited suicide. He leaves the team gifts and trackes down gideon to send(?) him one. I'm pretty sure Morgan gets some books. Reid commits suicide by OD or drugs of some sort which he injects himself while in bed. Morgan is very sad. It's all very sad really.

Anyway if you know where to find it it would be great;)

Long Morgan/Reid-fics

I just got into the show very recently and while I love all the characters Reid and Morgan are probably my favorites. <33
Now I'm looking for Moreid-fics - preferably long(-ish), at least 5k, but preferably more. Gen or slash is both fine with me (I love their friendship to pieces), AU is fine as well.
I'm not into mpreg or hardcore kinky stuff, but I'm totally into hurt/comfort, especially fics refering to certain episodes (you know, "Revelations", "Amplification", "Profiler, Profiled" etc.). Also case-fics are awesome!
I'd be really grateful for any kind of recs (self-recs are also love). :) Thanks in advance!

Reid Appears to BAU Team in Dreams/Visions

Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for a general type of fic: Reid is in dire circumstances-- kidnapped, hurt, stranded-- and he appears to one or more of the BAU in some kind of quasi-supernatural dream/vision/astral projection to ask for help. Either canon verse or AU is fine.

Does anyone know of any fics like this?

Looking for recs

I have really gotten into the show over the last couple months or so watching it in syndication. While I don't mind browsing for fic I was hoping I could get some recs. A favorite story, author or any rec lists out there.

I am open to anything. Any rating, pairing or genre of fic. But if I could get some recs in the following areas that would be great.

I like all the characters but Reid and Garcia are my favorites. While no pairings are jumping out at me at the moment I do love slash.

My favorite types of fic: H/c, friendship/family, presumed dead. Anything dealing with a mental illness. Anything where a character(s) are Asexual and/or Aromantic. First time/getting together fic, case fic and roadtrip stories.

Thanks in advance.

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Morgan Garcia hate each other


I have been looking for a fic with Garcia and Morgan. Where they hate each other. They get put on probation from Hotch after Garcia is heard on a recorded line saying "F off Morgan". They end up secret dating… but it is not Love to hate you. It is however kind of the same. Thanks! I know I read it a couple of months ago.


Leaving the BAU

Hey guys,

I was wondering if there were any fics where Reid left the BAU either after the whole issues with JJ covering up Emily's death (because he couldn't trust the team or for some other reason) or when Maeve dies.

Any fics where Maeve lives or where the met somehow before the whole Dianne Turner issue.

Plus any great Reid/OFC fics or any Reid/Maeve fics would be welcome!

Reid destroys his journal


I'm looking for a fic I read a couple of months ago in  which Reid destroys his journal in a police station as he's worried about putting his team at risk because he has a stalker. I think Reid is abducted by his stalker. I'm not sure if is slash or gen.

Thank you for your help.

Garcia/ Morgan Apartment Explosion

Hey :)

I have been looking for a fanfic I read a while ago. Garcia's apartment explodes and she is presumed dead. Morgan looses it and does not know how to feel with it. Her death ends up being staged, because the other best hacker is after her. The people that stage her death use Reid to help profile. They eventually take Garcia to see Morgan and all three go back to help end the case. I know i didn't dream this one... I just can't find it anywhere. I know it was rated M.


Sperek Coffee Shop AU

I really need help finding this fic.
It's a coffee shop au where Derek and Penelope work as baristas at a coffee shop and Spencer is a regular(college student.) Derek's trying to get a date with Spencer-- but Spence is all about his schoolwork. They went on a date to an art gallery...Ringing any bells? I know eventually they get together...but I only got like three chapters in.
If someone know the fic that'd be lovely. I wouldn't mind Morgan/Reid coffee shop au fic recs :)
Thank you in advance for your time.


Reid/morgan: reid takes care of morgan

I'm looking for a fic where after a case Morgan wants to behave like a child, an escape if you like and Reid looks after him. All i can remember is they play kerplunk.

Team Thinks Reid Killed In Fire

Hi all, I'm looking for a fic where Reids building burns down and a body is found in his appartment. He was at his cabin and didn't know what happened until he got back to work.

Thanks for any help.


I'm new to the CM fandom, actually fandoms in generally, and I'm looking for some fanfiction about Hotch/reader. Unlike everything else I find, I don't want him to have a romantically relationship with the reader, but that he's really over-protective and fatherly with her. She is the newest and youngest (maybe 18 +/- y.o.)

An extra plus if the reader is kidnapped/shot/hurt, and Hotch and the team saves her.

Hope there is something like that "out there" :)

Emily & JJ Friendship Fics

Hi guys, does anyone know any good JJ and Emily strong friendship fics? I can never find any :( The fics should (preferably) not have a romantic aspect between them :) thanks in advance.

Single Dad

Hey guys,

I read the story "case study" and "heart of stone" and loved the idea of Reid being a single dad. Is there any other fics out there where Reid is a single dad? Perhaps his wife or girlfriend died or left him. If it is not his child, perhaps a fics were he is raising a sibling or something? Bonus points if it turns into a Reid/Emily or Reid/Maeve story!

Also, I really liked that forensic girl, Dr. Einstein or something and didn't know if any fics with her were posted or not?



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