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Reid hides his IQ/Reid is an outcast

I'm looking for fanfiction in which:
1. Reid hides his IQ. I've already read 'Dumb and Ditzy' and would like to know if there are any others like with a similar base.
2. Reid is an outcast, be it in life or even within the team or anything else.

Thank you for your help !

Reid/Morgan kidnapped

Hey Guys! I´m new to this community, so I don´t know if I´m doing this right.
First, english is not my mother tongue, so sorry if antything is wrong!

I´m looking for any good fic in which Morgan and reid are kidnapped. But just reid gets hurt. So Morgan has to watch, anyone any idea?

And if there´s any fic out there like ,,Hurting those I Love" or "unspeakable" (by Gothina234) then PLEASE tell me *.*
*sad puppy face*

(slash and Gen is great! But slash just Morgan/Reid)


Looking for a Hotch-centric Fic....


This is going to be a really obscure request, but I'm just getting back into the CM fandom after having been away for a few years and I've been trying to re-read old favorites.

The fic I'm looking for is probably either gen or Hotch/Reid and the only thing I remember in it is Vincent Perotta killed Foyet in prison out of respect (or passiveness maybe?) for Hotch. That's literally all I can remember. Do any of you know what story I'm looking for? I've been trying to find it for weeks! Thanks in advance!

Specific Young Reid Fic...


Earlier this year (I don't think it's recent, I've only been a fan of CM since January), I read a fic where I THINK Hotch, but could be Gideon or Rossi (this was one of the first fics I read, so sorry I can't remember which man) rescues Reid from an abusive situation and Spencer had been REALLY, REALLY hurt. He was in, I think, a total body cast, and later had to return home...but I think got rescued again??? Sorry for being vague. I remember Spencer had a hard time on the commercial flight (well, I guess that's to be expected with a bodycast). Spencer was maybe 8-9 years old?


Hotch/Reid Fic Serch

Hi, I'm new to the community. I have been looking all over for a Hotch/Reid fic. All I can remember is a part where Hotch and Reid are at the air port, standing in line to go through security. While they are waiting, they go through case files, profiling unsubs. I think there was a line about them enjoying freaking out the other people in the security line.

Mentally Ill Reid

Hi all,

I'm looking for this fic that I read quite some time ago.

1. Reid has some kind of mentall illness or nervous breakdown
2. He was living with a sheriff as his guardian.
3. Sheriff then died and Morgan or Ross who was on the case took Reid in after they promised to do so before the Sheriff died.
4. Reid does to BAU with Ross / Morgan

That was pretty much all I remember. Not sure ifi t's WIP or Complete work.

Many thanks for all your help! :)

Pre-Boston team

Looking for a fic about the old team before the Boston bombing. There may have been a paintball shoot out in Hogans alley, or I may be blurring two fics together

show search and fic search-

hi all sorry if this isn't allowed, I just don't know where else to post this. I was wondering if there are any episodes on Criminal Minds where the unsub contacts someone from the BAU like in 'pleasure is my business' and the Foyet episodes? Or if they actually try to help/save someone in the bau? Also, I do want any fics where Hotch has Reid sleep with him either to stop him from firing him for his drug abuse or to hire him in the first place or any other reason. Thanks!

Hotch/JJ or Hotch/ Emily recs

Hellos all thanks for the recs on my previous request I now have a new one 😀 could you kind folk rec any good longish hotch/ jj or hotch/Emily FICs can't decide which pairing I prefer as loved done if the one shots I've read with both pairings but would live to read some longer stories with these pairs obv both pairings don't have to be in the same story, R to Nc17 + is cool

Thanks x 

Spencer Reid/OC series

Hi, i am looking for a serie of fics in which Reis is in a relationship with a female OC. I just remember some scenes: i think that During the dates they talk in old english,other one is one in which the first time they sleep together she wakes up alone in the middle of the night and thinks Reid had left, Spencer is just in the bathroom and has to comfort her, in another scene when morgan discover that Spencer has a girl he tríes to give him some advice of the sexual kind because reíd Was a virgin but the answer is "too late"... And the last one i remember is that During a case reíd is kidnapped and raped, when the team Find him they let the girl wait for them in the AirPort and take Spencer home. I dont remember anything els , just that it Was a serie of long fics. Hope someone can help me !! Thanks a lot!

Crossover fic?

I very much doubt this particular crossover has come up but in case it has: Criminal Minds/Walking Dead? An eagerness to see Reid try to analyse zombies maybe, I'm not sure.

I have a hankering, not sure why.

In fact does anyone know of any crossovers with Supernatural fandoms?

Reid Whump fic HELP ME PLEASE

Im looking for a specific fic, where Reid is seeing a therapist and taking (i think) antidepressants, and he's having side effects from them, one of the meds makes him so tired he can barely function, and he's staying at morgans place (I'm pretty sure it is slash) and morgans mum comes into his bedroom while morgan is cuddling with a sleepy/sleeping reid

i can't for the life of me remember the name of the fic, but I'm pretty sure it was quite long and involved suicidal ideation

Hotch Fic


so, I read this fic a while ago and the whole team in but it was centered around Hotch, Jack and Rossi because Hotch and Jack were sick and Hotch didn't want to go to the hospital or something so they were staying at Rossi's house and Hotch got a really high fever and started remembering that his dad beat him as a kid does this sound familiar to anyone? It was a really long fic with a lot of chapters I really want to find this fic again can anyone help me?

Aug. 15th, 2014

Everyone was so helpful last time I wanted to find a fic that I couldn't resist coming back for more! Okay, so I remember a Morgan/Reid fic, and I can only remember one scene: Reid and Morgan snuck out of work to make out in the toilets, when Rossi and Strauss came in to do the same thing. Reid and Morgan hide in the disabled toilet, but when Strauss leaves Rossi tells Morgan he knows he's there because he heard him laugh. Morgan convinces Rossi that he's in there because he has really bad, uh, stomach problems, and he teases him through the rest of the day by pretending to rush to the toilets. I'm really annoyed because I've looked for it everywhere, but can't find it! Argh!  It'd be really appreciated if you could help me out! :-)

JJ and Will fics?

Hey all, I was wondering if there are any fics on JJ and Will? Please and Thanks in advance!

A specific Hotch and Reid fic

Hey guys! I'm looking for a fic I think was on where Reid and Hotch has sex in a bathtub but hotch says something for Reid to bend his knee after he gets shot there. Thanks!

CM/X-Men Crossover

First time poster here...

I am desperately looking for any Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau and/or Spencer/Logan slash fics. I have read everything on and ao3, and I want more. I love both pairings and have found that they are rare, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Garcia finds Reid in a porn video online

Lost track of the fic ages ago, but I remember Garcia found Reid online in a really sleazy video when he was younger and there's heaps of hurt/comfort. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

hotch gets reid's girlfriend pregnant

I read a fic where reid had a girlfriend, I think her name was Natalie, and she and hotch were kidnapped, and the unsub gave them some kind of drug, they had sex, and hotch got reid's girlfriend pregnant. I found this on, but can't remember what it's called, and I can't find it again. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me find it again. Thank you

Specific Emily, Will, JJ non-con

Okay, so as far as posting works, I have no idea how to do this.

I'm pretty sure I found this story on it was a couple months ago and was being updated regularly.

It starts where I think Emily offers to help clean up dishes and Will and JJ's house. JJ goes to sleep, and Emily stays the night. Will rapes Emily that night and Emily doesn't tell because she doesn't want to hurt JJ. Over a period of time Will continues to rape Emily and she finally says that she is going to tell JJ. Before she gets the chance to tell Will tells JJ that he had been having an affair with Emily. JJ and the rest of the BAU look down on Emily, and that is what I last read! I really want to finish this story!

Hope you can help me find it!

Any good long hotch/Reid. Fics.

Hi all new to this  fandom late I know !

But i was hoping for some recs  on good long hotch /Reid fic . R to Nc17 is fine

would like to read stories that people have enjoyed

thanks 😀

Trying to locate a hotch / Reid fic

Hello all I was hoping someone would be able to help me locate a story I was currently half way through but my favorite got deleted on my laptop

it was a dark fic a hotch / Reid fic it was a long fic where Reid was trying to help hotch detox off pain meds he was on after the whole foyet incident . They are in a hotel during a case and become close I'm not sure if the eventually get together or not as lost the link

does the sound familiar to anyone ?

I would appreciate the help thanks 

Aug. 1st, 2014

Okay, so I apparently suck at remembering fics. But I'm pretty sure this one was posted on I think Reid was a new member to the team or it took place in the training academy? Reid was being bullied by a agent or two and they ended up kidnapping him and took him to this secluded place where they raped and left him for dead. If you could help me find this fic I shall love you forever :3

Reid held in small room

Tried so hard to find this fic!
It's basically I think.. Reid is held in a small room that completely dark and the unsub never interacts with evenly he start dying from like dehydration and I think when the team do find him someone give him there sunglasses cause the light is to bright for him
Would really love to read this again pleasee help!!

Looking For A Fic!!

I have searched for 2 days for this story and still cant find it.HELP!!!!!

In it Hotch and Reid are together and its right after they find out about Morgan being abused.If i remember right he sees bruises on Reids wrists and thinks hes being abused and when he finds out its Hotch he tries to get Spencer away from pretty sure he kidnapes Reid at the end when Hotch is in the hospital but Hotch gets there in time.Morgan just kind of lost it in this fic!!



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