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Specific hotch/reid

Hello all,

I am looking for a specific Hotch/Reid fic. It reversed the roles. Hotch is Aaron "Hot shot" Hotchner who wants to be a member of the BAU. Reid is the BAU unit chief. Gideon actively hates Aaron and attempts to sabotage him. Aaron gets injured as a result. They eventually get together.

Current fic; Spoilers for 12x13

Hey all,

Looking for stories where someone calls Morgan about Reid being arrested and he helps out and helps Reid deal with the withdrawals.


Morgan adopts Spencer

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for stories where Morgan decides to adopt Spencer when he is very young.

Looking for a specific Hotch/Reid slave fic

Hey there,
First of all, just want to say I am so grateful this community exists! You all are wonderful.

I read a fic two months ago I can not find, and it was only a two pager I think. In it, Jason owns slaves and "Will" comes to buy a slave. Foyet is a client that comes to use Aaron. He uses a ring that's too tight on him, and injurs him with a blade to mark him. Jason decides he's damaged goods and almost kills him, but "Will" steps in and buys Aaron. The second half of the fic in "Will" trying to get Aaron to open up a bit. It's only 3/4 of the way through you find out Aaron is the slave, and it ends with "Will" showing his credentials to him to prove to Aaron that "Will" is Spencer Reid.

You would think with how much I remember about the fic I could find it, but because Spencer's real name doesn't show up til the end and neither does Aaron's I'm having no luck. Please help. Thank you!
Hi all,

I think it goes likeEmily has a teenage sister that she may not of known she's asked to take care of her the girl comes onto Reid(she's had more practice then him)and he resists her for awhile she leave goes into the army they haven't real heard from her in years they find she's come back and she gets of the plane kisses Reid and says am I old enough now. That ring any bells?


Specific Hotch/Reid Fic

I'm looking for a specific Hotch/Reid fic where i believe the team all finds out about their relationship at different times. At one point in the story, Hotch and Reid were writing something an evidence board but they kept subtly erasing the other's writing. Emily pointed that out to Rossi and Rossi started to wonder how he didn't see their love before. It's not much but does anyone know what fic this is?

Any help is very much appreciated! xoxo


I am looking for four types of fics
1) Those that relate to what Reid was doing during the team suspension prior to "It Takes A Village". Hotch was in Pakistan obviously and during the whole Prentiss situation JJ was in Afghanistan so I really want something along those lines, with him being overseas, doing something similar to what JJ was doing perhaps. If no one can find any like that that's fine, but maybe just ones with him visiting his mom or something?

2) Reid being transferred forcefully out of the BAU but coming back. I like how the State department did the whole thing with JJ and I think it would be interesting if something like that happened to Reid. I think it would also be cool if instead of JJ, he was transferred, not necessarily for her job but something along those lines.

3) I'd really like to read something about Reid and how he handled his situation after his dad left, like money issues and his mother. Like in flashback/mentioning form, not a whole story in that time period kind of thing. It would be great if he met someone out on a case from his past too, like maybe a bunch of girls at a strip club recognize "their baby" or something.

4) Escort Reid. Past prostitute or stripper Reid.

If anyone has anything along these lines I would be really grateful as I haven't found ANYTHING. Thanks in advance

Reid and his mother

Hey guys,
I think you all saw the latest episode and maybe some people were sad like me. So I rewatched the scene on YouTube where Diana hits Reid a couple of times. And the theory of someone that this wasn't the first time she hurts him leads me to my questions...

1.I can`t find a fic I discoverd a while ago. It was about Reid and his mum. I think Diana wrote a letter to Derek and Garcia about abusing her son during her episodes. Does anyone know the story?

2.Any other stories about Diana hurts or abuses Spencer in her episodes (not on purpose)

Thank you so much and I`m sorry for my bad english I speak german normaly :)

Specific Reid based fic

All I can really remember is that Reid goes into a subsrop and gets sick because Hotch has been neglecting him. Rossi steps in as pack alpha or dom (can't remember which) and starts to take care of Reid. I think Jack is involved somewhere. Reid is an omega/sub.

Pairings Reid/Hotch Reid/rossi

Looking for specific Reid-fic?

Originally posted by greenomlette29 at Looking for specific Reid-fic?
I am certain it was on ff.net, I only remember a few things. No slash as far as I remember....

Basically, the team were off on a case when they think Reid is kidnapped. But in reality, Reid is taken by some CIA agents and Reid is also an agent. I remember him complaining about having to be a nerdy FBI-agent with a high IQ?

Lame summary I know, but ringing any bells?

Hurt/Comfort involving Hotch

Hi guys!

I'm looking for any fics which involves hurt/comfort with Hotch. The man is hurt a lot throughout the series, and I'd love to see someone taking care of him. Like in season 4 where his ear is hurt, or after Haley's death of course... My preference is for Hotch/Reid fics if possible, but at this point I'll take anything. I just want the other person to be doing the comforting/reassuring for once :D

The second thing is I'm looking for fics where Hotch and Reid are in an established relationship? I love Upon the Son by Daylin for instance, so if you guys know anything similar, I'll take it.

Thank you so much for your help <3 

Reid/Team pairing

So I've read "Without Reid" and I find the idea of Reid having an open relationship of some kind with all of them is very nice. There doesn't need to be sex involved but I'm not against it or even just a mention of it. Explicitness is not required. I like the idea of him having multiple relationships within the team going on and everyone being accepting/okay with that. It can be platonic/serious/friends with benefits . . . whatever. I've never read anything except "Without Reid" that covered this kind of pairing and it worked well and I enjoyed it more that I thought I would (especially since it went a way I didn't expect (aka romance/sex) haha). So if anyone has anything pertaining to this topic that would be great. Thanks.


Hey guys

I'm looking for a fic I read a month or two ago where Reid is accused of something by the team except Garcia but he really was forced to by gun point I think, and people died.

He leaves the office crying and gets run over and shot by someone and there were witnesses

Reid has a girlfriend I think in the fic and is an nurse maybe???


Specific Reid-centric Fic's

I'm looking for fics surrounding the following topics:
1) what Reid was doing during the teams suspension surrounding Prentiss's "death". JJ was in Afghanistan before it and Hotch Pakistan . . . what was Reid doing? I'm hoping there's a fic out there where he's on some top secret mission and/or overseas mission like they were.

2) why he didn't apply like everyone else for reinstatement. I think the senator (or Strauss) briefly mentioned this.

3) Reid being harassed by the LEO's are someone out in public and the team defending him.

4) his relationship with his mom, especially when he was younger (I'd prefer the younger bit to be more like a flashback kind of thing though. I want the rest of the team (or just part of them anyway) to be in it too).

5) Reid being a BAMF. I want him to really surprise the team doing something unexpected. He could be a really good fighter, lay the smack down in an interrogation/interview, confess a secret that helps them solve a case, Reid having worked for another agency (like CIA or NCIS) before the BAU, etc..

6) Reid being a high paid escort or having experience in the sex/fantasy business. Escort is preferred though. Music, acting, and modeling (especially modeling) business is fine too.

No pairing with OC's please. Slash is fine.


Im looking for Reid/hotch slash fiction that has Will in the story line. He is such an under played character.

Reid/hotch fics

Hi I have been trying to find some fics I have read a while back and can't find them.

1. Haley is cheating on hotch with Morgan. Reid finds pictures of Morgan on haleys old cell phone. Hotch and Reid end up getting together some how.

2. Lol this is going to sound silly but I remember reading a story a while back, the only part I remember is hotch and Reid eating Swedish fish in the car, they were going somewhere. I know that don't help much but I remember it because it made me crave Swedish fish lol

Also, if you know any good hotch/Reid stories where Reid is more dominant and in control,or any where Reid is even borderline abusive (not to much tho) let me know. I get tired of reading so many stories where Reid is always the one getting hurt or the submissive one.


Aaron and Spencer

I'm looking for a story that is Aaron Spencer in a relationship. Morgan and Spencer are best friends. Spencer is not part of the BAU. He has another job where he works with Tobias (could be called Toby/Tobi) and everyone but Spencer picks on him. Tobias brings a gun to work and will only talk to Spencer and Spencer gets shot.
This story could be on fanfiction.net or archiveofourown.
Thank you so much!


hi guys,

i know i read it recently but can't remember if it was on FF or AOW. it's reid/morgan, morgan decides to confront reid about acting weird/cold towards him. i think it's after a case, morgan goes to reid's house and asks him if he's using drugs.

he ends up trapping him against a wall and realizes reid is turned on by it. i don't remember what happens after.

thanks to anyone that can find it!

EDIT: i found it!!!!

To Use or Be Used by magickbeing

Criminal minds/The Sentinel Crossover


Looking for a crossover fic with Reid kidnapped by a group of unsubs and kept in a cage. Made to watch while they torture other people and features Blair Sandburg.

Does anyone remember that one?

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Sorry I don't know what to tag this with but I will try.



Strength by SpencerRemyLvr on fan fiction.net

What are some of your fave fan fics?

Hi all looking to start 2017 by reading some great cm fan fics! I like romance,family,angst,team
Love my Reid(not so keen on Hotch) but open to any well written stories. What would u recommend?

Lost Hotch/Reid fic(s?)

Hey guys

I've spent days now looking for a particular fic and I still can't find it, so I hope you can help me. I think I read it on ff.net, but at this point I'm not sure.

It was Hotch/Reid slash and written/set before Hotch divorced Haley. In fact, I think part of the fic was them splitting up (in a different way from canon). Haley doesn't come off well, I remember a bit later on where he's reading a certain type of book (legal thriller?) and that it's progress because Haley never let him read those because it was too close to his work. A big part of the fic also dealt with Hotch's background, his family situation growing up. A certain part of his family was all about money and keeping up appearances, but then another part was very loving. Lots of them were LEOs and they had traditions involving teams/partners/etc. Hotch adored this part of the family and it's why he joined the FBI, but Haley didn't like those traditions either. One of the final scenes is Reid and/or the team fixing this. And throughout all this there was a case too.

Anyway, I *think* this was all in 1 fic, H/R, on ff.net, but I honestly don't know anymore. Help?

Thank you!

Looking for spencer reid fic

I cant remember the name,but it was about reid and he disappeared for 2 years because he was experimented on and bacame a mutant i belive that it was slash reid/wolverine can anyone help please
Hi all,

Looking for a Reid fic all I can remember is Reid is walking down the st with his wife/partner and runs into Lila later that night they see Lila on tv and in the interview she's talking about how she ran into him and he and he looks good introduced her to his wife who's pretty etc

Thank you

Christmas fics

I only discovered Criminal Minds at the end of last year and only started reading CM fanfics in February this year. I've seen some great Christmas fics from this year but was wondering what I've missed from previous years.

I'd be really happy if someone could rec me something really Christmassy to read. I'm not fussy about the details and am happy with slash or het.


Reid/Gideon Dubcon

I am looking for a fic I read a while ago where Gideon convinces Reid that as his SO, Reid has to give him sexual favors. Rossi finds out when Reid offers him the same, and then tells Hotch. They work to help Reid get over Gideon's brainwashing. Anybody know what fic I am talking about?


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