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Gymnast/acrobat Reid

Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone knew any fics where Reid was secretly a good gymnast or acrobat. Like not too Au so he still works at the BAU but he has this hidden talent?

Also any good fics where Reid is an angel? I've read the fledgling and Nephilim series on the supernatural crossovers.
Thanks in advance
Ps I don't mind Hotch/Reid but I don't really read many pairings so preferably without?

Specific fic! Morgan/Reid Morgan dies

Hello, so please help me find this fic. So basically it was an au and Morgan was working and Reid wasn't(?) Anyway I specifically remember there was mpreg,and they had already had 1 girl, but Spencer was also expecting another child. So one day hotch I think comes to Spencer's house and tells him that Morgan died in an explosion on the job, so grief and mourning happens, but then one night someone comes into the house and kills clooney :( and then tries to attack the daughter. Later it's revealed that Derek is not actually dead but was hiding away to protect Spencer and their daughter. The unsub turned out to be this girl and her brother that were mad at Derek for maybe killing their father. Also the brother worked or used to work with Spencer and teased him for being a carrier I think, but in reality he was also a carrier. I'm pretty sure that at the end of the fic the brother jumped off a bridge.
So I have all these details but still can't find the fic, please help!!

P.s this is my first time posting, so tell me if I did something wrong

mental health reid fic


idk if something like this has been written yet but i saw a twitter post that has an idea for a fanfic that i really liked. Anyway, it was something either along the lines of
a) the bau team members slowly leaving until it was just reid working on his own
b) reid becoming the team supervisor (or top agent) but having to also deal with his mental health deteriorating

as i said, idk if this has been written but i'd love to read anything that's generally along the lines of reid's mental health deteriorating

also any kinda good smut fics would be good! idc what the pairings are as long as it's reid or a reid as unsub fic!

hope you guys can help :)  
Hey guys, I'm looking for some fics in the following topics: can you try and see if they are long fics too

1) Reid Married to morgan or Hotch,

2)Reid is a mi6 agent

3) Reid Married to a member of the team

4) long fics where Reid is kidnapped and tortured

5) fics where Reid gets promoted

6) reids wedding with reception

7) fics where Rossi is reids dad

8) Reid is a secret agent, or is good at hand to hand combat

9) Reid moves into a new apartment and/or house

Thanks guys

AU fic

Reid is working in some sort of office and he defends AU Tobis or Nathan from the other workers which means when that person snaps and kills co-workers he spares Reid.

I want to say Reid is dating Hotch but I'm not sure.

I'd love to read it again any ideas?

*Found and mega quick*


Looking for one sided Reid/Morgan Fics

Hello. I'm looking for one sided Reid/Morgan fanfics. Morgan realizes that he is in love with Dr. Reid, but Reid is with someone else. I pretty sure that I read a fanfic where Garcia tries to guilt Reid into dating Morgan.

Specific fic


I'm looking for a fic in which Hotch joined the undercover unit instead of the BAU. Reid goes undercover with Hotch to look for the unsub, the team thinks that Hotch and Reid are the unsubs after seeing a video of them in an Internet cafe. Later on Reid walks into the fbi building and is interrogated by the team. Meanwhile Hotch comes in with a swat team to arrest the real unsub in the bullpen.

morgan/reid, bottom!reid?

hello, lovelies. I'm new to this fandom and so far, I'm liking the morgan/reid pairing quite a bit. so while I'm binge watching the show, I wanted to stock up on fics.

the only things that are a must in the fics is, if there is sex, I would like bottom!reid (just a preference), and they should have some sort of plot, even a little. also if it has mpreg in it, I don't mind it.

I do like long plotty fics, but they aren't a must. any help is better than nothing!

trying to find a fic

I feel like I read this fic on ff.net, but don't quote me on that.

It's from an outsider pov. The man is a FBI agent from I think Seattle, and flew into Quantico to meet with the BAU about a case and wow them. He's very judging and critical (makes fun of Reid, assumes Garcia is the coffee girl, etc) and of course,things don't go well. He tries to butt kiss Hotch and Rossi.



Hey guys, I'm looking for some fics in the following topics: can you try and see if they are long fics too

1) Reid Married to morgan or Hotch,

2)Reid is a mi6 agent

3) Reid Married to a member of the team

4) long fics where Reid is kidnapped and tortured

5) fics where Reid gets promoted

6) reids wedding with reception

7) fics where Rossi is reids dad

8) Reid is a secret agent, or is good at hand to hand combat

9) Reid moves into a new apartment and/or house

Thanks guys

Missing fic

Hey guys,
I'm looking for a fic where Reid is kidnapped and put in a room, but the room has a phone in it and he has contact with the team. I'm pretty sure Reid was raped in this fic

Reid joins the team last

There is this one story, it's kind of AU. Where Reid is the last to join the team. The team is Emily, Elle, Derek, Garcia, JJ, Rossi, Gideon and Hotch. And before Reid joins the team Elle and Emily don't get along and neither do Ross and Gideon? But when he joins that all changes. Does anyone know the name?
1. A while back I read a hotch/Reid story that also involved Haley cheating on hotch with Morgan. Reid found pictures of Morgan and Haley on her old phone I believe.

2. I've been trying to find another hotch/Reid fic where Reid has a family that hotch don't know about and Reid's kid's mom dies in the hospital.

In general stories:
I only really read hotch/reid but I would like to find a story where Reid is with someone else on the team and ends up with hotch.
A story where Reid is with Morgan for example and leaves him for hotch. (Don't have to be Morgan)

Or a story where Reid cheats on someone else with hotch or hotch cheats on someone with Reid.

Also I would like to find a story where Reid is the abusive one in the relationship. (I can only find ones where hotch is abusive)

A story where Reid or hotch is in a abusive relationship and the other saves them from it or helps them through it.


Hi! Can anyone recommend some good Reid Sentinel/Guide stories? Dr. Reid could be either one, and slash is definitely preferred, but I'll take Gen as well. Any help would be worth big, warm hugs :)

Specific Hotch/Reid fae fic

I read this fic years ago and have not been able to find it since. In it Reid was fae/human. His father was a fae and left him to be raised by his mother and her husband. Reid is not very good at magic except for a spell to erase memories. He has one night stands at then erases the persons memory the next day so they don't know it happened. This spell won't work if he has real feelings for the person though. So when Reid sleeps with Hotch he is unable to erase his memories.

I think Read has two older half brothers, and one is getting married. Read goes to the wedding but is called away in the middle of it for a case. The brides family takes this as an insult and Hotch ends up having to be Reid's champion and fight for him.
So a few months ago I read this one story where Reid got pregnant with Morgans kid and then ran away. He then got married to this other guy (don`t remember his name) and they raised Morgans and Reid's daughter together. Finally a few years later they meet Morgan again and try to figure out how Morgan is going to fit into their family. Finally Reid`s new husband get attacked and gets murdered in the hospital by the unsub. Reid also gets pregnant with him, after trying for a long time.

Thanks in advance!

Specific Reid/Hotch fic

I'm looking for a fic that involves a series of murders of closeted gay police officers at a bar Reid frequents. It goes to the BAU and he gets outed. The unsub turns out to be another cop that is killing in hopes that he'd be able to comfort one of the widows.

Any help would be awesome,

Reid has his own BAU team

I'm 95% sure I read this on AO3 and I've been hunting but I just can't find it. Which is really annoying me!

Basically Reid runs a separate BAU team and there's something of a friendly rivalry between his team and Hotch's. Hotch's team gets called in to rescue Reid's when something goes wrong. Other teams in the FBI have been taking bets as to which team will have to rescue the other. It's Hotch/Reid but that's officially at least a secret to his team.

Anyone know what this is? It's possible that I may have got some details slightly wrong.

thanks everyone!
Hi all

I started reading a fic last night but didn't get to the end of the chapter now I can't see it.

It's a Spencer/reader (which I normally hate but it's good) where your a friend of Garcia and she takes the team to meet you at a bar the team leave you two alone to go get drinks and you move across the table to sit near Spencer and starts talking to him.

Sorry it's not a lot but does it ring any bells?

Looking for specific Hotchner fic

Hello. I'm looking for an old fanfic. It is from very early in the show before we know any of Hotch's background. A serial killer takes the team to Hotch's home town. The killer turns out to be a women who leaves behind white roses on the men she kills. It turns out she thinks of Hotch as a white knight or prince charming ideal. She kills men who don't live up to the image. It is pre-Reid/Hotch. I think that I read it on fanfiction.net.


I'm looking for a fic where Reid's leg is damaged enough to need a cane permanently and so he leaves the BAU and starts working as a teacher and the kids call him dr cane evenuall he becomes Jack's teacher I know I read it somewhere and it's driving me crazy trying to find it

Spencer Reid kid fics

Ayy so im on a hunt for all spencer reid kid fics, any recommendations are welcome, preferably aus

bonus points if hotch is the adopted father

please no de-aged fics!

Reid/Morgan missing fic

Hey guys

I'm looking for a story I can't find where morgan and Reid are married with a daughter, and Reid is expecting, but before her can tell Morgan, morgan fake dies and Reid thinks it's real

Any ideas

Reid Dying in Emergency Room

So I've been looking for a fic I read a while back on ff.net (I can't remember if it was a one-shot or a chapter in a collection of drabbles) in which Reid is dying while an emergency team tries to save him. The cause is unspecified and I think I remember him experiencing an out-of-body state watching the doctors work on him. I know it's not much to go on but I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

Reid Hotch father son

Hey everyone, I was wondering if you guys could help me find a fix I read ages ago.
I remember the first scene was to do after the Foyett had killed Hayley. Reid finds out Hotch is thinking about giving Jack to Jessica for reasons. Reid convinces him not to but Hotch fires Reid in the argument. It gets made up later it's just the prominent scene I remember.
Please and Thanks everyone
H xx


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