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LDSK Episode

I've been looking for a fic in which Reid is actually more hurt by Hotch kicking him in the episode LDSK then he first lets on and it leads to some worried BAU team members. There is a specific fic I have in mind, but any fics that have something like this I would be interested in reading. Thanks!

What happened to Nuwanda31?

Hey all, I've been revamping my fanfic list since I now have a laptop and can't find Nuwanda31's fics online. The last time I read them online they were on fanfiction.net. Does anyone know if they were re-posted elsewhere or taken down for good?

Reid - trouble with trust

So I've been rewatching older episodes and I would love to read some fic about Emily's return and how hard it must be for Reid to be able to trust his team after their deception.  Please ONLY fic that is sympathetic to Reid - I love him dearly and understand why he was so hurt and angry.  Reid hasn't exactly had a lot of friends or people to turn to - the fact that he went to JJ at all, only to be lied to the whole time, and the team's reaction to his reaction, etc....  I would love some stories about the team earning Reid's trust back.  I do prefer happy endings!

Thank you!!

Gideon hurts Reid

Hey guys. I don't know if this is in my head or something. But I was wondering if any one knew of any fics where Gideon hurts Reid. Physically or emotionally. No slash, like he hits him out of no where or something?

Specific Fic

Hey everyone. I'm looking for a fic where the team finds Reid in like a warehouse or something and he has stakes through his hands and feet and maybe tape over his eyes and mouth (sorry it's been a while since I've read it). The unsub that put him there has like bombs strapped to him so the team can't get him out of the building until they solve riddles or something. Anyway, it turns out one of the EMTs is like the unsub or the unsub's sister or something. If anyone can make sense of this and has a clue to what I'm talking about, I'd be incredibly grateful :D Thanks!

present day fic

/Hey all,

Are there any good stories with Morgan/Reid (slash or bromance) based off of the episode Entropy?

Two Hotch/Reid fics

Hello. I've been binging on fanfics and now they are all jumbled on my head. Can anyone please help me find these two fics?

#1 Hotch/Reid one shot. Established relationship. An agent (or some other official) is visiting and hits on Hoch. Hoch doesn't do anything to stop her because he enjoys Spenser's reaction. I remember there's a line about how everyone (even in the surrounding states?) has learned not to flirt with Hotch, but this woman is visiting from across the country.

#2 Also Hotch/Reid. I only remember one scene. The team is at lunch and Hotch orders fries with his meal. Morgan makes a comment about Spenser eating it all and Spencer casually says "He orders it for me." Cue looks from the others. I also remember Rossi smirking and saying something like "He's your favorite" to Hotch.

Thank you for any help.

Reid and Morgan Fic

Hello all! I'm looking for a specific fic that I seem to have lost track of in which Morgan get receives pictures of Reid as a little kid in the mail, except these pictures show Reid all beat up and bruised. Morgan does not know who sent him these photos and goes to talk to Reid about where they came from, and he finds out that it was Reid's mother who took them and caused the bruises that covered little Reid (I think, I'm not 100% sure).

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can point in the direction of this fic I'd be extremely grateful!



Yes, I know, it's not the most obscure topic... But here's the thing: I'm looking for fics where Spence doesn't KNOW he's pregnant until he's delivering. I usually prefer Morgan/Reid but will accept Hotch/Reid. But it has to be complete - I have no patience for WIPs - and the delivery has to be "natural." I don't like surgeries...

In addition to that, I will take any regular (you know, where he DOES know and it follows the progression of the pregnancy) pregnant!Reid so long aas it follows the criteria above: those two pairs, complete, and natural. Maybe there are some I've missed or haven't found hiding somewhere.

Either way, thanks in advance to anyone that offers help. :)

Reid with Aspergers fic

Hello, I am looking for a Reid/OC fic that i first came across on this site when somebody else was looking for it but i cant even find that post anymore.
I remember that it was about Reid and a women being held captive for some time and there captor managed to convince the pair to try for a baby, doing there best to stay healthy and avoid certain foods or doing certain things. I think Reid was either diagnosed with aspergers or there were alot of mentions of it. e.g. I cant remember who said it but there was a mention that JJ and Garcia messed up Reids grieving process after Maeve died because they had visited him and having aspergers, he needed to grieve differently, on his own. I am pretty sure that it was a completed story. Thats all I got.
Ring any bells?


Are there any fics where Reid instead of or after being with the BAU was a part of SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis? I know there's a story with John Shepherd joining the BAU for a case. I'm more looking for something putting Spencer in their world. Gen preferred, but I would ok with pairings of Reid/O'Neill, Reid/Daniel Jackson, Reid/Shepherd.

Fun and fluffy fic recommendations?

Just got through reading Behavioral Analysis K9 Unit on AO3, and it's gotten me in the mood for more fun and fluffy interaction with our favorite BAU team. I definitely need something to brighten up the cold, miserable weather in my part of my country. So please share your best recs and favorite fun stories. Prefer Reid-centric, but will happily read good stories about any of the other characters. AU, fantasy, parody all welcomed. Some angst is fine as long as there is a happy ending. Any pairing works for me, except Reid/Gideon. I've run across one too many dark, Gideon as unsub fics, which have put me off that pairing forever.
Thanks for your help!

Self harm Reid/Morgan

Looking for any type of Reid self harm fics. Eating disorders, etc. Even better if they are Reid/Morgan pairing

AU Dragon(s)

Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I've posted anything, but once again I need your help. I've been looking for a story that is a series of parts. It is AU and Hotch is an immortal, and during a raid of smugglers who imprison magical animals for profit, he rescues a small dragon. He names the dragon Reed (or maybe the dragon names himself, I can't remember), and takes him home.

I'm not sure how many parts there were, I think maybe anywhere from six to ten. The story is complete too.

Any help would be much appreciated and virtual brownies to any who can put me out of my torment! :)


Hi guys,
In my head canon, Spence is still totally bisexual (or asexual at least) and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good fics where Maeve "Phone Booth Girl" turns out to be "Phone Booth Guy"

I saw their first phone call the other day and it struck me how Alex questioned why he wasn't using "pronouns" and then how Spencer paused before saying "her".
I was such a perfect moment to bring in a male love interest for Spence, considering he was meant to be bisexual.

So if anyone has any fics where Maeve is actually a guy that would be great.

team kidnapping fic :)

Yoooooo. I have not been 'round these parts in many moons. Hi. :) So, I've spent the last couple days looking for a fic to no avail, so I thought I'd pick the brains of yonder LJ community, see if anyone knows what fic it is. As the subject line suggests, the team is kidnapped. Well, some of the team. As I recall, it's Morgan, Reid, Hotch, and Prentiss. They start out paired together, with Morgan and Reid in one room with lots of water I think? And Reid gets electrocuted? And I think Hotch and Prentiss have fire? Maybe. Anyway, they have to solve all these riddles or whatevs to get out, which they eventually do. I remember the story wasn't finished (and hadn't been updated in a while), but it got far enough that it wasn't too upsetting that it was never finished. So yeah, anyone have a link? I'll give you... my love. ;) Thanks in advance for any assistance! In related news, I really need to bookmark and/or favorite things I like. :P

Crossover Fic?

Hi all. I was just wondering if anyone ever wrote any fic crossing Criminal Minds with the short-lived WB series Birds of Prey. Shemar Moore also played Dect. Jesse Reese on BoP, so I'm curious if anyone ever thought to cross these shows over somehow (Derek Morgan used to be Jesse Reese, they're actually brothers, identical strangers, whatever). BoP doesn't exactly have a big fandom (not surprising, really), so I'm guessing not, especially since I can't find any on FFN or AO3, but I thought I would still put the question to all you good people and find out for absolutely sure. Thank you all so much!

Reid Whumpage

So I'm a huge fan of Reid Whump fics especially Morgan/Reid slash but I've read mostly all of the more well known ones. Does anyone know of any more obscure fics? I'm going through angsty fanfiction withdrawl. Doesn't have to be Morgan/Reid, basically anything where Reid gets hurt, sick, or dies.

Looking for reid fanfic

Hey everyone!
I'm new here and I'm looking for a fanfiction I've been reading like a year ago and I just can't find it anymore. I think I read it on fanfiction.net .
It's been about Reid trying to kick his dilaudid addiction and Hotch helping him (NoSlash!) with the withdrawal and cravings. After one day or so Hotch called a friend (who was a doctor) to help them. They stayed at Reid's place. In the end they made it!
The story had about 22 chapters.
I'd be unbelivable thankfull if one of you'd know the story and could give me it's name.
Thank y'all :D



I'm looking for a story, where Reid and a OFC are kidnapped and forced to have sex.
Shortly after they are rescued. No one on his team knows about the forced sex.
A couple of months later the OFC comes to the FBI and tells Reid, that she's pregnant.

Any ideas?

Need help finding a Reid assault fic

I don't have much memory of it but what I do remember was that it was a short story, maybe one or two chapters where Reid was with an unsub who had sexually assaulted him with a gun (I think it was a shotgun). But Reid didn't acknowledge that it was happening to him, he thought he was witnessing it happening to somebody else. When the team find him, they see the blood and realised what had happened.
I have been searching for this for a while and would really appreciate it if somebody helped me find it.

Damaged fic???

So I read a fic awhile ago about reid and hotch. It was after they had the incident with Chester hardwick and they were in a hotel room, I don't remember a lot but I remember them talking then hotch says something like you can't defend yourself and pins reid to the bed... Not sure if I imagined this or not. Anything helps, thanks.

Nov. 15th, 2015


So I was watching the newest episode and I adored the scene where JJ tells Reid he would never be a bother and was there for him and stuff, and I was wanting any stories that show the sibling relationship between JJ and Reid or Morgan and Reid. Or really any of the team, just to show their relationship with Reid.

Any stories with protective team because Reid gets hurt (any form, physical, emotional etc...). Plus if some of them are the team hurting him and not realizing it til later.

Thanks guys

Workplace Harassment

Hello (: I've been recently trying to find a fic where Reid faces harassment at work or on a case. I recently read Idiots by cr8zymommy and was looking for something similar to that? It can be verbal, physical, sexual, any form, and I would specially like to read about the aftermath. Protective!Team would be a nice bonus. Don't mind romance [slash or het] but prefer it not to be the main focus. Thank you for your recommendations.

[Sorry if I get any tags wrong, I'm new to this (:]

Looking for Reid/Maeve pregnancy fic

I recently read a really good fic (unfinished sadly) where Maeve lives and is pregnant year later but when her geneticist friend does a genetic work up she discovers that Maeve is having a set of extremely rare twins, identical but one girl and one boy. Her friend explains that Spence and Maeve won the genetic lottery when their zygote split into two, because otherwise, if it survived, the baby would have had life-long health problems.

I can't remember if it was AO3 or FF or just a oneshot on LJ.... i have searched my entire history but nothings coming up, no idea why.

EDIT: Has anyone had any luck? x


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