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Looking for a JJ/Reid Halloween fic

Looking for a JJ/Reid Halloween fic Where Reid ditches Morgan’s party and JJ claims a date with and old friend and surprises Reid by going to his place in costume.


Reid Finds out His wife is MIA

Hey, I was wondering if anybody knows one of these fics I read awhile back. 1. Reid has a Secret wife that happens to be Hotchs Sister.. People from her squadron Come into the bau and tell them that she's Mia.
The other one is similar but instead of Her squadron coming in to the bau.. She stumbles in injured.
I would really appriciate it

Reid Tortured

Hello there,

I'm looking for a specific fanfic where reid is being tortured by someone. he is sending garcia video's. all of the team members have a personal task, like jj has to give a false profile to the press.

but they can't tell eachother, because is they do reid is killed.


Thank you already!

Were-creatures BAU - Reid a were-cub

Hey guys!! I'm trying to find a story I read a while ago. Reid was raised by his mom, who is a human and didn't realize that Reid wasn't or her illness didn't let her know since his dad, who was a were-creature and should have trained him on all things were, wasn't there. I think Gideon finds him during one of his university tours and realizes what Reid is. Reid has no idea and everyone realizes that Reid can't shift or is too sick to shift and that it would cause him serious problems if he didn't. When he finally does, he shifts into a baby lion, or some kind of predatory cat and they are all shocked since the team is filled with wolf shifters. I think at one point the team has to go into another Alpha's territory and having Reid with them causes problems. Sorry, that's all I remember . . . HELP!!! :D

FOUND!!! by the wonderful micksmouse , it's the Strength of the Pack by Welfycat
Hey guys :)

So I'm really new to the fandom (like really, really new), and looking at the sheer volume of fanfiction overwhelemed me. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of  any good protective!hotch fics. I love the way that underneath Hotch's prickly, overly serious exterior he's very protective of his team, and cares about their wellbeing, tending to put them before himself, and I was wondering if anyone could point me towards some good fics regarding that. Gen and slash fics are both fine, so long as it involves Hotch being protective towards the whole team (or even to an individual member, but I'd prefer it to be about him looking out for the team as a whole; although I will accept those types of fics)

Thanks guys!

JJ/Prentiss Nightmare Sex Fic

i remember seeing a fic (i think it might have been in a comment section?) where JJ has sex with Emily in her own nightmare (i think there are dogs barking in it from the tobias hankle incident?). I've tried looking but I cant find it.

Reid still in hospital

Hey guys!

I'm looking for a fic that takes place after Nameless, Faceless.  Reid is in the hospital for a while because of his leg and no one visits him or even knows that he is there.  The team are focused on helping Hotch that they all assume Reid is at home recovering.  I think it was Hotch who finds out that Reid is still in the hospital.

Does this sound familer to anyone?

Thanks in advance!

Reid does Karate

Hi everyone. I am looking for a fic that I read a while back that had reid doing karate behind his teams back. I remember that in it morgan was invited to a friends dojo to check it out and a competitor showed up to fight the best fighter and that happened to be reid.

I really loved the story but I can not find it.

Please help

Reid gang member

Hello there!
I'm looking for a fic where Reid has left the bau, but when they have a case morgan stumbles upon him. Reid is very strong and he's part of some kind of group, but someone in the group betrayed him and now the bau and reid's ''group'' have to work together to save him.

Hotch/Reid fic

Hi, i remember reading this fic where Hotch and Reid are dating and hotch rapes reid? then Reid gets addicted to dilaudid again and accidentally kills jack in a car crash, then hotch finds out that spencer overdosed with guilt so hotch does as well

Also any angst (Character death if possible) with reid is welcome (i prefer derek/spencer or Hotch/spencer)
This is my first post so sorry if it is wrong :/
Tia x

UPDATE: found: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7908391/chapters/18067000

Reid/Cat Adams or Cat's baby IS Reid's

Are there any longish Cat/Spencer fics out there? Or any fics where the baby is Spencer's after all?

Reid season 12

I am looking for stories that talk about the moment in season 12 where Reid is slapped by his mom and how he deals with this. Maybe someone on the team being worried about him, or maybe about his childhood and how he probably had to deal with this kind of situation many times before.

Hope there are any fics like this
Thanks :)

Looking for a Rossi/OC fic

Stuff about this fic I remember,
- female oc is Hotch's cousin, and has a big southern family, often speaks odd southern sayings that rossi is extremely frustrated by.
- at beginning of story, female oc almost gets mugged but pulls a gun on them and ends up in the hospital, something happens and for some reason rossi and oc are found in compromising position which results in oc lying to her family about them being engaged.
- they end up going to the south to time with her family and then there's a case or they go there because of a case?
- they eat squirrel brains
- I think I remember that this story was completed.

If this story was taken down, does anybody know the author so I can beg for a copy?

Emily and Mick story

Hi, a while ago I read a story about Emily finally calling Mick and then they start dating, they get married and have a baby girl. Some years after an unsub gets into their house and holds Mick and their daughter hostage. He calls Emily to come home from work and when she gets there the unsub kills both Mick and her daughter in front of her. Derek gets to the house and kills the unsub before he kills Emily. That's all I remember.

Hotch/Reid fics

Hello! I'm looking for Hotch/Reid fics where:

1) Hotch is dating Beth and denies his feelings for Reid, but Reid knows that he wants him (maybe because they kissed/had sex/whatever in the past?)

2) They're in love with each other, Hotch doesn't want to start a relationship because of the fraternization rules but Reid is persistent and in the end they end up together

3) Similiar to 1) or 2) but Reid tries to make Hotch jealous with another guy or he starts having one night stands with other guys (he's confident and sexually experienced, not shy and insecure)

4) Hotch finds out about Gideon/Reid (or Morgan/Reid) dub-con or non-con and comforts him

5) multi chapter (preferibly non-established and non-AU) fics on livejournal because it's hard to find them for me lol (i usually find them on ao3 or fanfiction.net)

Ps: i prefer long fics

Thank you and sorry for the bad english

Baby left with Reid

I once read a Reid story where a baby is left on Reid's doorstep and he calls Garica for help. Ring any bells?

Stargate crossovers?

Are there any good crossovers with CM and Stargate? Like maybe where JJ was really involved with Stargate the year she was with the State Department or Hotch was during his time in Pakistan?

Thanks in advance!

Bisexual Reid

Hi, I'm looking for bisexual Reid fics please!
Pretty much anything is good but I'd be particularly interested in ones where Reid perhaps dates two members of the team at different times or where person a is pining because Reid was into/dated person b previously, if that makes sense?
Any parings etc. I'd prefer no OCs unless they're past relationship/minor character kind of things.
Thanks! x

Hurt/Betrayed Reid

Hey all! I'm new to the Fandom and I've been devouring fiction. I'm wondering if I can get some recs with Reid getting hurt/kidnapped/betrayed and having to recover with the team helping. The recovery part, overcoming the trauma is what I like best when done well. Especially interested in ones where he wasn't in the BAU to start with, or damage was done to him by Gideon.

Slash/het/gen doesn't matter. Just angst with a good ending is all I need.


Specific Fic

Im looking for a fic I read a few months ago. My memory of the plot is a little hazy but I remember that Morgan, Reid, and Hotch were being held in a basement together by an unsub who wanted to pressure the team to find his missing daughter (or avenge her death, I don't quite remember). Reid was shot in the stomach at one point and Hotch and Morgan went into emergency first aid mode. Anyone know the fic Im thinking of?

Fics for this prompt

1. Read quite a few stories where Aaron breaks of with Spencer either to protect him or because he is being a jerk. Wonder if there are any stories where Aaron has his heart broken by Spencer. Open to both happy and sad endings

2. Stories of Rossi and Aaron friendship.

Me again looking for another Reid fic

All I remeber is The team find Reid(who had been gone for maybe 2 years to take down a bad unsub) battered and bruised asleep on a sofa in the break room and the team come. Back see him and stay with him.

I want to say but I'm not sure on these details as I read so many stories that

he calls Cruz to let him into the bau.
The unsub killed wife/girlfriend (who was an undercover agent)and her child which was Reid's not the unsub.

Unsub was a doctor the wife/gf was a nurse and Reid was a Patient


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