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Hello, my fine furry friends.
So, I'm here in this rainy wednesday doing nothing, so I came here to ask some things.
First things first: I want to know if you guys know a certain Remy/Reid fanfic. I don't remember it very well, just that they were both... Married, I guess. And Remy was kidnapped. And in the end Reid did go, saved Remy and killed the kidnapper - it was a guy who was kinda obsessed with him, if I remember correctly. Does it ring a bell to anyone?
I'm also searching for Reid/OMC fanfiction, but all that I found ends up with Hotch/Reid or Morgan/Reid, or his boyfriend is an asshole and he is in a abusive relationship. So, please, if you know some good fic with Reid/Original Male Character pairing, send me! Please!
I guess that this is all...

Thanks in advance!
(I'm really sorry if I messed this tag thing.)

Blind Reid

I remember reading a story about Reid being blind. It happened on the job and he ended up teaching profiling at the FBI academy. I think he ended up mentoring a girl in his class. I jus can't remember the name of the story. I'm fairly sure that it was on the fanfiction.com site. I know it's not the Good People/Bad People series, although I did enjoy those stories too. Does this strike a bell with anybody?
Thanks in advance for your help.

The team is deaged

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

So, I'm new to this, therefore, please don't hate me if I'm doing something wrong...
The reason I'm here is because I was looking for a fic I read som while back, like several months, and can't seem to find it again.

It's about the whole team (I think, maybe somebody is left out) being deaged and taken care of by an, does it calls OC?, anyway it's a woman.
I remember that Hotch is the youngest being maybe 2 years, very young at least, and the reason they are deaged is MAYBE because they are trying to find an unsub while posing as a family, or something in that way

Would be very happy if someone recognize the fic

/ Elin

Garcia / Morgan

Hi guys. I'm looking for a story I read a while ago. Morgan and Garcia are in a friends with benefits relationship but she is being stalked and ends up Leaving and coming back and when the stalker has Morgan she shoots herself.

Any help would be awesome!


Questioning Reid

Hi! I would like to read some stories where Spencer Reid is questioning his worth in the BAU. Stories where he wonders if he is anything more to his team, and the world at large, of being anything more that a walking "Google". I have read "Solivagant" and would like to read others of a similar theme. Thanks for any help you can give.

Foster home

I remember read a fic awhile ago I can't remember if it was a WIP or if it was just abandoned but it was where the whole BAU team is in a foster home together and Reid is the newest addition. He had been abused and gets scared easily and freaked out when the foster mom asked if he wanted more food. I'm not totally sure about other details. So if anyone know of this then thanks!

Just cannot find it!

Hello everybody! I've been searching for this fic where Reid is gay but not out to the team. He is a regular at a local gay bar that is popular for LEOs where he made great friends. One day the BAUs New case is a local one where gay people (maybe specifically gay police officers) are murdered. He has to come out to the team and they solve the case. It might have been with either Reid/Morgan or Reid/Hotch.
I hope someone knows what I am talking about!!! I'd really appreciate the help.


I've been looking for a story for a while now, and hope someone can help me. It's a Morgan/Reid pairing. The parts I remember Reid starts dating someone he met a club and I think he works for NCIS (I think, or some other government job) and owns a motorcycle. Morgan is jealous of the new guy Reid is dating. I also think I remember JJ and Garcia looking at the cameras to see who he is dating. It eventually ends with Morgan and Reid getting together.

Reid a singer

I read a fic a while ago and now I can't find it. I remember Reid was the lead singer in a band he went by a different but it was still him. Morgan joined the band as a guitar player and learn about how tortured Reid was. He was really depressed but no one seemed to care all that matter was that he made music and money.

Rossi and Reid Friendship/Bonding

Hi, I'm looking for Fics that contain Reid bonding with Rossi, Perhaps something that shows Rossi's fatherly side.
I also wouldn't mind reading something where Rossi is feeling rather skeptical of Reid (When they first meet) but grows to like him. I think I have read something like that before.
I have already read 'A familial Notion' which I quite liked
I am not interested in any Slash

Cannot find a fic!

Hi all!

I read a story about two years ago and have had the bookmark saved but after my pc died i lost it!

The fic was a kidnapping. The male members of the team were held hostage and tortured, with Reid taking the brunt. After beatings and worse Reid apologises and attempts to shoot himself but fails to kill himself.

This fic was filled with so much emotion, I am desperate to read it again!

Please help!!!

looking for 2 older fics--Found!

I have looked and looked and my google fu sucks I can't find two older fics I liked and thought I saved, but didn't, I need some help please. I am pretty postitive that both fics were not on ff.net and might be livejournal or AO3 (betting on livejournal). Here is what I remember and hopefully you all can help me out.

story #1
The team goes to a smallish town and Reid gets sepertaed from the group. His lugage was lost and while out in town he gets arrested (forgot what for but I think it was sleeping out doors or getting drunk?). While in jail he ends up in a granny sweater (I think it was oink or had a cat on it). No one on the team knows he's in jail or helps. He gets out and is wandering around when some photographer sees him (by a fountain?) and ofers to take his picture and he will get to keep the clothes. He agrees and the team finds him modeling. When theyu head home the magazine he posed for is out and he runs into fangirls at the airport. On the plane Morgan and Hotch share a picture of Reid asleep in halloween boxers.

story #2 (under cut for +18 material)
story 2Collapse )

Any help would be welcome, thank you. P.S. I hope I got all the tags right.

Reid afterlife?

Hello, I'm new.

I was wondering about fics with Reid as a ghost or a guradian angel?
Also, fics with him as a vampire, preferably a non-evil one.
Thanks :)

reid fic

So I'm looking for this fic where Reid was kidnapped/ taken and they know the unsub. Reid knows their profile and he tried to kill himself. I believe he even said "I know what he does to his victims" or something. I think it was from dereks pov. I believe the team was there as well. Not sure if it ended in the hospital where they wanted to hold reid on a pych hold because of what he did. Please help.

reid and will

Having just watched Hit and Run, I'm wondering if there are any Reid and Will friendship fics out there? Something gen, maybe about Reid being Henry's godfather? Gen or Reid slash with anyone but Gideon please!

Looking for Hotch/Reid Fic

Hello, I'm looking for a Hotch/Reid fic that is mostly from Rossi's POV, I think. I know that Rossi finds Spencer wandering in a park at night after the death of his mom. Rossi's just getting back from a book signing or something. I swore I had this thing book marked but I can't find it. I am like 99% cure that Hotch and Reid are the final pairing. I also remember soemthing about Rossi wondering how Reid managed to get up and down the stairs to his apartment with his crutches/cane after being shot. Gods, I hope someone recognizes this story becuase I've been looking for like three weeks and can't find it.

There are other details that I kind of remember but I think I coudl be confusing the stories with them. I think Hotch tries to tell Spencer that he loves him with flowers, you know how flowers have meaning. I also swear that they think they don't have supplies to have sex but then Spencer remembers Morgan (I think) gave him lube and condoms as a joke...These details may be from another fic but I swear they are from the one above, if they are not, I'd love to know which fic they are from.

Thanks so much! I hope you guys can help me!!! ( I also hope I posted this correctly)

Looking for crossovers

This is my first time posting, so let me know if I did anything wrong/left anything out .

I'm looking to satisfy my CM crossover cravings. I'd love to see crossover fics of the following:

-CM and Firefly - This would need to be an AU, of course. I'd especially love to see interaction between Reid and River. The only Firefly crossover I've seen was a Reid/Simon fic, but I lost it.

-CM and Quantum Leap - And yes, this is an "I'd love to see interaction between Reid and Sam" request (What can I say, I want to see geniuses (genii?) together).

-CM and Highlander - Breaking my Reid & other genius pattern, I'd love to see a fic where Rossi and Dawson know each other. (I wouldn't object to Reid & Methos fics. though.) One preference here: I'd rather not see any of the BAU as centuries-old (or millennia-old) Immortals.

There was one other specific fandom I had been planning on asking about, but I forget which one it was. If I remember I will come back. If you know of any crossovers with obscure SF or fantasy fandoms, odds are good that I am familiar with the fandom and would like those, too (like Knittinglady's Matthew Starr series).

Gen, slash, het are all acceptable. Completed works are preferred, but will happily read good WIPs, too. (I will even read good abandoned fics, as long as I have the heads up that they are abandoned.)

Reid and Rossi are my favorite characters, so I included them in the tags, but any characters are good. AUs and non are both loved.

I have read lots and lots of the Archive of Our Own CM works, so fics that are not on there are more likely to be ones I haven't read.

Looking back up at request #2, I suddenly wonder what Rossi and Al would do if they met each other.

Edited 7/18 to add: West Wing! That was the other one. CM and West Wing crossovers.

New fics to read

Ok so I have a few requests to make as I have read almost every fic in the following requests and need some new ones to read :)..

1) Spencer Reid as a baby/toddler- With either of the male team members as the parent,
2) Any fics where Spencer Reid is a model/singer/dancer.
3) Supernatural Spencer Reid please- Wings allowed.
4) Spencer Reid with some kind of illness curable or chronic (Im sick so need some Reid whump)

Any fics of these kinds or even ANY fics please, Im sick so I need new material to read while I get better.

Thanks so much :)
P.s If I miss a tag please let me know so I can fix my mistake :)

Reid Rejected

I'm hoping I have done this correctly...
I want to know if there are in fics out there where Reid attempts to kiss somebody and they push him away. I don't mind if its male or female. I had a crazy dream of this happening between Reid and JJ and I just needed to read it somewhere.

Speaking of which, I am also looking for any stories/one shots that center around the crush Reid had on JJ in season 1. e.g. Morgan teases him about it, JJ confronts him or lets him down after the football game. Anything like that.
Thanks in advance!

Gun qualifications

I remember reading a story about Reid taking his gun qualifications and it was a redo so he was the only one taking it but the instructor person was touching him and making sexual advances so he was nervous and distracted. So he failed. The instructor was like you know we could fix it if you come back to my place and do something that pretty mouth of yours? Anyone know what I'm talking about?

unsub Reid

Hya I'm really knew to fanfiction finders so I just cut to the chase

About a year and a half ago I read a criminal minds fanfiction.

The team works on a case(don't remember details)and finds a pattern(well I think it was Hotch) he said someone on the lines"the murders stop this week" the week spencer was kidnapped by Tobias

Sorry I'm really bad at summaries, I hope this helps

I REALLY want to read it again can you help me find it?
Hello All,

I'm looking for a fic about Reid finding out William Reid is not his father. His mother passed away and she confessed that the elder Reid was not his father. It turns out his father was a SSA who was part of an exchange program between units and his biological father was assigned to the BAU. His biological father had changed his name and he was a football player. Reid figured out who he was when the team was over his house for dinner and Reid found a picture of him. Gideon was in this story. Can anyone help me out. Thank you.

Reid Skin Hunger

Are there any fics where Reid has to deal with Skin hunger. It can either be the center of the book (preferred) or just included into it. I just want a fic about him craving human touch. It could be like the team just found out about it or something. I know this is pretty vague but I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.

Preferably Slash or Gen.

Thank you!

Watchmen & SPN crossovers?

1. I was watching clips of Rorschach's stint in jail the other day, and it occurred to me how cool it would be to have the BAU be the ones to psychoanalyze the guy. I've found literally 0 Watchmen crossovers, so I'm not too picky as to whether it's that specific premise or not, as long as it's mainly focused on Rorschach.

2. I'd like to read Supernatural crossovers that involve analysis of Dean in some fashion. My favorite fics are ones that involve post-Hell (or post-Purgatory) psychological trauma, but so far the only one I've seen get into that so far was Kikkimax's Defect series and, to a lesser extent, that one where Dean is in jail and aids the BAU with cases from time to time.

Gen, please. Bonus points for Gideon-era BAU. I love him to DEATH.

Searching for a crossover pairing......

So I'm actually looking for X-Men/Criminal Minds crossovers where Spencer Reid and Remy LeBeau (Gambit) are either best friends or in a relationship. (I'd prefer the slash, but if you've got gen, het, or slash, I'll take it as long as there's no Rogue/Gambit or Reid/Morgan.) So... reclist(s) and/or fic(s), please?

Since I probably won't have time to reply --- thanks in advance!


P.S.: Mutant!Spencer is a lot of fun, so I'll definitely want to read those fics even if Gambit isn't involved, but kudos if he is.


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