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Stockholm Syndrome

Hello there, I am looking for any fics in which Reid has stockholm sydnrome. No het please.

I'd also like to find fics in which Reid meets the team because he is a victim, he could either be younger or just went in a different route.

Thanks in advance :3
I'm looking for any crossover fics with either Supernatural or Harry Potter. For crossovers I tend to prefer gen but if you have a really good one with a pairing I'll take it to so please don't be afraid to rec, I'm good with slash or het, doesn't matter. Rating also doesn't matter to me.

Thanks in advance!

High School and College Fics

Hi everyone! I'm looking for the following fics:

- The team is in high school and Emily is the new girl. She ends up joining the group and dating Spencer along with all the other drama that comes with high school.

- Reid and Seaver start dating in college but they break up because Spencer's moving to Quantico to work with the BAU. A few years later, they meet when Ashley joins the team and they eventually re-kindle their romance.

- JJ and Will fics where Will becomes terminally ill and JJ and Henry are trying to cope with the news. Or a fic where JJ is killed in the line of duty and the team has to break the news to Will.

I would also appreciate it if all the fics were on but it's not really necessary. Thank you so much for your help and I apologize if my tags are wrong since I'm just getting the hang of this. ;D

First Meetings and Reid at the Academy

I am looking for two types of fics

1. Any fics that cover Reid first meeting the team or first meeting Gideon. I have already read Eternal Changes by nebula2.

2. Any stories about Reid at the FBI academy.

Slash and AU stories are okay.

Reid soul bond fics?

I'm looking for any soulmate type fics where the pairing is either of these:

Any rating is good :)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can find this :)

Reid/JJ affair

Hi guys :)
I just have to say the people in this community are awesome as I´ve always got help by finding fics and always found the right ones so thanks for that.
So my next question, are there any fics were JJ and Reid are having an affair ? It could be either with or without Will in the picture though preferably if either JJ or even Reid were in an established relationship with someone else while having an affair with each other and hiding it from the team as well. Even better if the affair has been going on for some time.
Thanks in advance for any help

Specific Hotch/Reid werewolf fic

Hello All!

I am looking for a specific Hotch/Reid werewolf fic.  I am pretty sure the entire team is part of the pack, but I don't remember for certain.  I do know that Hotch, Reid, and Morgan are all werewolves.  Reid is really down on himself because his wolf form is smaller and more lithe than the other wolves he knows.  In the past, it has been used against him.  Hotch points out that he is faster and has more endurance than a shifter like him who is a large timber wolf type.  Reid and his mother were tossed out of his pack when he was very young. His pack leader was some kind of tyrant.  When the team goes to Vegas, some of the local police men are a part of that pack and take Reid to the old alpha. Enter Hotch who does his best to help Reid and ends up having to challenge the pack Alpha. It's a pretty long fic as far as I remember. It was very well written and the characters remained pretty true to their personalities on the show despite adding the wolfiness.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Thanks so much!

Hotch/Reid long fic recs

Hello all

I've posted to this community before & you were all
very helpful so hoping for help again.
I'm currently nearly finishing a Hotch /reid doc called
Let me in & I'm loving that it's such a long well developed
Story and because of this I was hoping you all could
rec me any long Hotch/ Reid fic you have enjoyed
As I say longer the better & NC17/ smut is more than
fine .

Thank you in advance 😄

Spencer's Secret Past

I am looking for a story where Reid received a new identity as a child after witnessing a crime. His birth name was Cody ( I think). I think Strauss' father may have been part of the initial investigation. Does this sound familiar to anyone.

Outsider POV

Hi everyone,
I just read Book By It's Cover by Spense ( I was wondering if there were any similar fics out there where there is an outsider POV (detective, other police officer, other FBI agent...) on the BAU, where we see what other people think of the team.


Looking for Recs Please.

Hey I'm going on a bit of a rec finding mission today so here it goes. I would like some good case fics, either canon or crossover. Anything where you can read it and wonder why it isn't an actual episode of the show. Also I was wondering if anyone has come across any good Criminal Minds/Hannibal crossovers. Thanks in advance for any recs.

Generic Reid Fic


I was wondering if anyone has found a Reid has type 1 Diabetes (it's the auto-immune version, not the other). Please Het or Gen. Thanks so much!

Looking for specific fic, Reid Gen


I'm trying to locate a specific fic written probably about 7 years ago.

It was a post-Revelations longer gen/team fic that focused on Reid's recovery and distance from the team. I remember it being really lovely and having a section where Reid (who had been distant and quiet) finally rambles some facts about a sea creature that was made up of multiple organisms (a jellyfish maybe?) and could live forever. Gideon expresses concern that Reid is subconsciously focusing on death and lack of connection by Reid's preoccupation with this creature.

Vague, I know, but I'd really enjoy reading it again.

Reid Hurt Stories

Hello everybody! I am trying to locate a few things.

1. I read a few fanfictions about a year ago about Spencer getting paralyzed/ not being able to feel his legs, and I didn't save any of them to my favorites! So if any of you know any fics like that please help me find them. I would like to have one/some of the team members comfort him in the hospital afterwards.

2. I am also looking for any fanfictions about Hotch/Morgan/Gideon accidentally hurting Reid in any way. It can go from accidentally shooting him to accidentally pushing him down the stairs. I would like it to have a fluffy ending.

If you can locate any fics like these it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Specific fic

I'm looking for a specific fic that I've lost track of. It was a Criminal Minds/NCIS crossover (though it may not have been marked as such). In the fic, Emily is Gibbs' daughter and both have kept it quiet. It also takes place after the Doyle mess. Knowing my reading habits, I probably originally read it on, but I can't find it anywhere.

Reid/Seaver stories

Hi everyone!

I'm interested in a Reid/Seaver story preferably if a) Spencer and Ashley dated BEFORE she joined the BAU or b) they start dating AFTER she joins

I'd also like a specific Will and JJ story. Appreciated if JJ cheats on Will (Henry is in existence).

Thank you!

Emily's fanfic

Emily leaves the BAU after Derek was killed and goes to Chicago to have her baby girl (Derek's daughter). Five years leter she retour to the BAU to present her daughter.

Reid/Emily Fic

Hi - I'm looking for a specific Reid and Emily fic that I read a while ago (probably about 2 years ago or so). The fic is very long, it had like 25 or more chapters.
What i can remember from the fic is that Emily and Spencer go work on a case together and they end up hooking up. They start a relationship but don't tell anyone because 2 members of the team aren't allowed to be in a relationship. This goes on for a while, I can't remember how or when it comes out that they are together but it does, and somehow they are allowed to continue working together. Later on in the story, the team is chasing an unsub, Emily gets separated from the rest of the team, and the unsub uses this as a chance to kidnap her. The specific detail I can remember about this bit is the unsub tries to convince Emily that he's killed the rest of the team with a newspaper (which it later turns out the unsub faked) with a cover story about the team being killed by a criminal. At the same time, the unsub is taping Emily and sending a live feed to the team to taunt them. Oh, I forgot one very specific detail - in this fic Emily finds out that Spencer had been keeping track of how many times they said "I love you" and had begun saying the numbers instead of actually saying "I love you". When Spencer sees the video of Emily, its the same time as she thinks he's dead, and she starts saying the numbers, missing out a middle number each time (i.e. 401, 403, 405...) as though they are saying it to each other, he fills in the gaps watching the video, but obviously Emily can't hear him! I know she gets rescued somehow, and that at some point in the story they get married, but I can't find this fic for the life of me! It's seriously one of the best fics I've read, but I went through a phase where I didn't read fic because I was embarrassed (didn't know anyone else who read fanfics) so I got rid of everything I had about them - gutting because now I love it again and couldn't care less what people might think! ;)
Anyway - if anyone knows where I can find this fic I would be so grateful!!!!

missing hotch/reid fic with piercing

Heyyo, I'm looking for a specific Hotch/Reid fic in which Reid gets a play or temporary piercing that's either his eyes being sewn shut (or his lips I don't remember, but I think it's his eyes)

Here's what I do remember! He planned to do it when he knew Hotch was going to be out of town, but Hotch gets home early. He doesn't freak out, he just asks Reid to explain why and Reid says it's something about relying on his senses

And then Hotch is okay with it? And it wasn't the first time Reid had done this.

I've honestly been looking for it for years so some of the details might be off. Anyone recognize it?

Specific fic

Hi all ^^

I´m new to this community and I don´t know if I´m doing this right.
I´m looking for a fic in which the whole BAU Team is kidnapped, i can´t remember if Gideon is still part of the Team.
I think that there are 3 or 2 UnSubs, I´m not sure.
I can remember a part in which Reid is going to be whipped because the Unsub REALLY hates him, however Morgan says that Reid must look him in the eyes, don´t know why, maybe Morgan tries to coformt him.
Familiar to anyone?
Hello guys! This is my first time posting here. After finishing season 9 of Criminal Minds, I was in a bit of withdrawal - but now season 10 is here! Anyway, I am in need of specific Reid fics; help is much appreciated!

- Reid/Austin

You know, the bartender that Reid impressed in "52 Pickup"? I recently read a story where they meet up again and the relationship keeps going. But I'd like a fic where she moves to Quantico and they start dating, get married, have children, etc. A bonus is if he dies in the line of duty but not absolutely necessary.

- Reid/Maeve

I know most of us know what happened to Maeve in "Zugzwang" but I won't spoil anything JUST IN CASE someone does not know. I'd like an AU fic where they get married, have kids, etc.

** I prefer most of my fics to be long, but I don't mind a few oneshots. **

- Reid committing suicide

Quite self explanatory. Preferably AFTER "Revalations" or "Zugzwang".

- Reid/JJ

Maybe a high school fic where JJ is the new kid, and the rest of the team includes her in the group. Any year of high school should be fine, but I feel like senior year would be best. Other pairings in the story would be nice too (Hotch/Emily, Morgan/Garcia)

- Will/JJ (not a Reid fic, yes I know)

I just love this couple together. But I'm looking for a few kinds of stories: a) Will OR JJ die in the line of duty (Henry is in existence) b) JJ cheats on Will or c) JJ is expecting another child after her previous complications.

- Reid/OFC (original female character)

I've read A LOT of these ... I'm looking for a pretty long one, nothing TOO specific. I'd rather not the story be from Helena Fallon or any other popular authors because I might have already read it. :/

Thank you for ALL comments and recommendations! Have a good day/night, everyone! :]

Looking for something

I have heard that there are fanfics where Elle Greenaway returns with a kid in tow that turns out to be Spencer's. Is this true, and if so where can I find them? Also, can I advertise stuff that I have written here? This is my first post in this comm, so I don't know how things work around here yet. Thanks for any help I get.

Criminal Minds/Glee Crossover

Hi everybody, I'm looking for a criminal minds/glee crossover where Sue is Diana Reid (or related to her in some way... twin sister maybe). Any rating or pairing is fine. I would prefer longer fics, but a shorter one is okay if it is well written. Thanks in advance for the help.

Reid as unsub killing BAU team?

The new season of CM has sparked my interest again and I need help looking for a fic. It was about Reid going through some kind of trauma (maybe kidnapping) and then deciding to resign from the BAU and then going after and killing the BAU team one by one. I remember that he kidnapped Garcia and dumped her body in the woods and Hotch was the last to be killed (by a bomb?). It was quite a long fic and I'm open to any suggestions that are similar eg - Reid kidnapping/killing BAU team.

Thanks in advance :)

Reid in hiding request

Any recs with Reid hiding something? Could be anything from a mutant power to family issues to witness protection program. Thank you!=)


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