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Au Fic

Hi, this is my first time posting hope I am doing it correctly. I am looking for a specific fic where Reid gets hit by a car before he leaves Las Vegas for the FBI. He ends up in a coma for years and when he gets out he sees how everything is different from canon and he is one of the few people who remember how it was really supposed to go. If it helps Hotch was dead and
Spencer worked at a college.

Jan. 19th, 2015

Very new to fandom, only discovered this awesome little show last week and am already halfway through season 4. Because I cannot seem to live without fanfic I have been over everything of interest on here to me, but I seem to be unable to find what I really, really want.

So, can anyone please rec me some gen fics with a focus on the Morgan/Reid friendship we see n the show. I mean, it's adorable, and I want more cute brotherly interactions!

My other request is case fics. Long, complete case fics, focus on the whole team not just one or two members. Whump is fine but I'd prefer the case and the teams solving it to be the focus if possible. A lotta case fics I've looked at focus too much on one character and not the whole group.

And lastly, (I promise), something based around reids photographic memory. I mean seriously, he must have the worst flashbacks! But it doesn't nessecarily need to have something to do with him suffering, just him using it for whatever reason in fics.

Thank you all ever so much for your help!


In "Elephant’s Memory" Reid mentions this pretty girl (don`t know her name now but for all I care it could be "Nasty Bitch") that tortures him with the help of the whole football team. Is there any fic where he meets her again (perhaps as the victim of an unsub)?

Drunk Reidfic!

I have been looking everywhere for drunk Reidfics and i can't find them so I'm hoping this site will help me. Thanks!!!

Snowboarding Reid

I am not new to this community, but it is only the second time I am posting something in it. I have been looking for a fanfic when Reid was into snowboarding. The team don't know this fact and bet him that he can't make it to the bottom floor before them using the stairs. I remember that they thought they beat him, but then he walks into the building. Please help me find this. It's driving me crazy.


Reid/Morgan fic

Hi! I'm trying to find a fic I read before. I've been Google searching the main stuff I remember and coming up with nothing so hopefully someone can help.

It was a Morgan/Reid fic. William Reid came to visit Spencer and finds out he's in a relationship so Spencer lies and says Morgan is his girlfriend. William finds out the truth and beats Reid for it. He ends up shooting Morgan for dating his son and I remember in the end William ends up dead. I hope this sounds familiar to someone... Thanks in advance for your help!!

Reid kidnapped fic

so i remember reading this fan fiction on in witch the whole team was kidnapped and put into a room, but it was separated down the middle with metal bars (like a jail). and the team had to watch as the unsub tortured Reid who was chained to the ground. at one point he injects reid with some chemical that causes him to haluconate and it also causes all pain to be like 100 times worse. at the end the unsub killed himself after throwing the keys to the door that held the team on the ground, just out of their reach through the bars, but spencer was able to slide the keys over to the team despite being so injured. i can't find this fic for the life of me so hopefully one of you can! thanks!

Amplification Fics

Is there a comm for CM Epi Fics? I would like to read any and all fics related to the episode Amplification, and I was hoping there was an episode comm where links might be located all in one place. Although my preference is usually slash, I don't care if the fics are slash, het or gen. - in fact I do remember reading a Reid/Dr. Kimura fic that I enjoyed.

Thanks in advance for help :)

Specific Reid kidnapped fic

Hi guys
I read a fanfiction quite some time ago where Reid was kidnapped.
The UnSub new a lot about his past like that he once wanted to commit suicide and he was always calling the team and wanted them to answer questions about Reid regarding his past.
I remember a scene were someone it might have been the UnSubs daughter or something helped them by calling the team and giving them an answer.
And I remember that one question was about what Reid had told the team once about Greek mythology or something like that.
I really hope someone knows this story :)

Looking for specific fic (Found!)

Hey everyone! Okay so I read this really great fan fiction on a few months ago and didn't save it for some reason. It starts out with Reid thinking he's going crazy because he keeps losing things so Hotch sends him home. He has a "friend" named Jason who is a tech analyst at the BAU who comes over to console Reid and ends up kidnapping him and sexually assaulting him while video taping him. The team finds Reid and the videos but Jason gets away and re-kidnaps Reid, who is forced to say goodbye to the team on video. When the team finds where Reid was held again, they find Jason and Jason's friend both dead and Reid under the bed with a punctured lung. They take him to the hospital and the rest of the story is how Reid deals with the trauma in the hospital. This was an amazing story and I would really love to read it again so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Fic found! It's called "Reasonable Doubt" by manwathiel elensar.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Looking for Badass Reid fanfic?

I'm looking for some badass Spencer Reid fanfiction. Maybe where he arrests the suspect, takes the lead on the case or shoots and kills the suspect. I am looking for ones that don't have any of the characters date the other characters and stories that have the same pairings as on the show. I'm not to bothered by when it takes place any where from season 1-10 is fine.

TIA Hannah.l


I'm looking for a fic called Central America that is Hotch/Reid established relationship. I can't remember who the author is or where I read it but I remember the description was something like if Reid was the american continent Hotch would spend his life in central america. Anyone know this fic? Thanks in advance!

Reid/hotch/unsub kidnapping

I've been looking for ages for this fic! Hoping someone can help a sista out
It's one where hotch and reid are in a relationship, and they have been kidnapped by an unsub.
I remember reid was lying on hotch when he was being raped, but hotch was tied up.
I know it ended with the team finding them and hotch was trying to help reid back into his pants?
Sound familiar to anyone? Pls help!
Hi, I'm new in this community, and I really love Criminal Minds's fanfics, I was wondering if someone would help to find a few fics about Reid having a daughter; I know it's super cliche, but I read one and it was I would like to see more of Reid on this phase...uhm it could fics that would have the same tonict of the show, I read one but it was extremly unrealistic.Thank you so, so,so much...I would totally aprecciate it

long fics rec

Hello all, as per your awesome help in the past for recs I though to would ask again,I'm due to have some minor surgery in the new year that will keep me out of action for a short while and would love to have some epic long fic to read in that time, whether that be a long story with multi chapters or a story that is a long series I don't mind.

I like Hotch/ Reid ( I have read all the let me in series) or hotch or reid with JJ or Emily or with OFCs I don't really mind just as long as it's a story that you have enjoyed that is long fic and is well written, NC17/ adult themes are more than fine.

I know it's a vague request but really open to all types of stories that people have enjoyed.

thank you

Abi X

Lost Fic

I am looking for a story I am pretty sure is on In the story Rossi had planned this romantic evening for a date who cancels. Since he prepaid he asks Reid to go with him non-romantically once he sees Reid is having cereal for dinner. The waiter gives Reid a flower meant for the date, they have oysters and Rossi fake proposes. The next day Reid is telling Morgan about the dinner but Morgan misunderstands and thinks Rossi and Reid had sex last night and Reid only did it because Rossi had payed for dinner. There is some line where Reid says Rossi was on his knees last night and one where he says something like "I should have just swallowed." I can't find this anywhere. It may have been part of a longer story or not.


looking for a fic

Hi all, I'm trying to remember the story where JJ and Emily have recently got together when JJ catches up with another FBI agent and gets some gossip that Strauss had put Emily in the BAU to get rid of Hotch. A bit of angst follows and then a happy ending.

Dec. 6th, 2014

Hello all, I'm looking for a specific fic that was released about 2-3 years ago. It's a christmas fic, and it involves the FBI having office-wide gingerbread and christmas tree decorating contests. Reid enters and wins the gingerbread contest with Jack and Henry (I think they build hogwarts?), and they spend the prize money on toys for a charity.

It was adorable, and I'd love to re-read it.


Fic rec request: Playing dumb

Spencer hiding his intelligence or trying to "blend into the background" (hiding himself) even if it is well known he is probably a genius people never notice him because he tries hiding himself. Or him hiding something odd for him to do like playing a sport.

Hiding can mean he just doesn't over share but doesn't really keep it a secret or him actively hiding X. Also, can be for a case or in" real life".

Reid kidnapped,insane Hotch

Hello. I'm looking for a specific Reid centric fic. I remember that Hotch kidnaps Reid because he thinks Reid is Jack. As the team looks for Reid, Morgan finds Reid's messenger bag in Hotch's car. Hotch then kidnaps Morgan and almost beats Morgan to death but stops because Reid plays into Hotch's fantasy, after that Hotch and Reid leave Morgan behind. Since Reid is very close to dying he has to convince Hotch to take him to a hospital, which he does after Reid throws up blood on the side of the road. At the hospital Hotch refuses to let people in, including Rossi and a Nurse.
If anyone thinks they know this fic, please tell me as I will be very grateful. Thank you :)

Finding a Reid centric fic

So, this might be a long shot seeing that I read this fic ages ago (several years ago and it might have been taken down and I can't remember the site @_@) but I'm looking for a Reid centric fic where he can actually shoot a gun quite proficiently.

I was re-watching old episodes and LDSK reminded me of that fic. I think it was Aaron who found out about Reid's proficiency on a case from a detective and that the detective had to teach him how to shoot badly. As I said, it was a long time ago.

I hope someone knows this fic :|

Fic search

Hi I'm new. There is a fic that I'm looking for that I hope you can help me find. It was a pre-slash/slash fic between Morgan and Reid. Where Spence just joined the team and Morgan is confused and doesn't think he likes Reid. Derek starts bullying him by drawing on his face when he is asleep, and such. Later he figures out he loves spencer and tries to make it up to him. Does anyone recognize it?

Rossi and call girl

I remember everything about this fic except where I found it. Basically Rossi was in love with Emily so when she dies he hires a high class call girl to come to his house. The call girl who is super smart figures it out and tries to help him by dressing and acting like Em. At the end Em comes back and the OC wishes them good luck. Anyone????

AU Reid/Morgan fic - Boys and Girls Club

I can't for the life of me remember where I read this fic, so hopefully this sounds familiar.

All I remember is that Reid is still an FBI agent, but Morgan isn't and is playing basketball with Reid and some kids. Reid then goes off to the locker room to shower where 2 or 3(?) men are waiting for him and attack him. Reid fights off and kills all of the men after him and then gets rescued/found by Morgan.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Reid/Hotch fic search

Hi trying to find a fic i read awhile ago...i remember they have movie nights or something like that and one night hotch kisses reid and they decide its to risky to have a relstionship so they go back to just movie nights...then reid startd not going because he was doing drugs..he shows up at hotchs house late one night wet and asking for help..they end up together.
help please...its driving me crszy!!!


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