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Need help finding a Reid assault fic

I don't have much memory of it but what I do remember was that it was a short story, maybe one or two chapters where Reid was with an unsub who had sexually assaulted him with a gun (I think it was a shotgun). But Reid didn't acknowledge that it was happening to him, he thought he was witnessing it happening to somebody else. When the team find him, they see the blood and realised what had happened.
I have been searching for this for a while and would really appreciate it if somebody helped me find it.

Damaged fic???

So I read a fic awhile ago about reid and hotch. It was after they had the incident with Chester hardwick and they were in a hotel room, I don't remember a lot but I remember them talking then hotch says something like you can't defend yourself and pins reid to the bed... Not sure if I imagined this or not. Anything helps, thanks.

Nov. 15th, 2015


So I was watching the newest episode and I adored the scene where JJ tells Reid he would never be a bother and was there for him and stuff, and I was wanting any stories that show the sibling relationship between JJ and Reid or Morgan and Reid. Or really any of the team, just to show their relationship with Reid.

Any stories with protective team because Reid gets hurt (any form, physical, emotional etc...). Plus if some of them are the team hurting him and not realizing it til later.

Thanks guys

Workplace Harassment

Hello (: I've been recently trying to find a fic where Reid faces harassment at work or on a case. I recently read Idiots by cr8zymommy and was looking for something similar to that? It can be verbal, physical, sexual, any form, and I would specially like to read about the aftermath. Protective!Team would be a nice bonus. Don't mind romance [slash or het] but prefer it not to be the main focus. Thank you for your recommendations.

[Sorry if I get any tags wrong, I'm new to this (:]

Looking for Reid/Maeve pregnancy fic

I recently read a really good fic (unfinished sadly) where Maeve lives and is pregnant year later but when her geneticist friend does a genetic work up she discovers that Maeve is having a set of extremely rare twins, identical but one girl and one boy. Her friend explains that Spence and Maeve won the genetic lottery when their zygote split into two, because otherwise, if it survived, the baby would have had life-long health problems.

I can't remember if it was AO3 or FF or just a oneshot on LJ.... i have searched my history but nothings coming up, no idea why.

X-men crossover

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for x-men CM cross over with Reid/Remy pairing.
I've read pretty much all of Spencerremylvr and most of what I could find on archive. But it's such a rare pairing. Please help I love the idea the characters balance each other out. I think.
Love you all
Thank you x

Specific story request

I am looking for a story where the whole team was at a pool, and Morgan jokingly pushes or throws Reid into the water. No one realizes that Reid can't swim and he nearly drowns. I think JJ ends up rescuing him. There's some kind of discussion about Reid growing up in a desert state and that's why he never learned to swim. Does this ring bells with anyone? Thanks!


I'm looking for a Reid/Prentiss fix, where he wakes up in the hospital and has some kind of amnesia and thinks he's in a relationship with Emily.


Insecure Reid

Looking for a specific fic where Morgan and Reid had recently gotten together, but Reid felt super insecure.
They are in bed and one of them either says or thinks something along of the lines of:
"Of course [Reid] doesn't feel good about himself. After years of being told you are [a certain way] you start to believe it." I'm sure it had something to do with his past bullying.
I'm really sorry if this is too vague. It's been a few years since I read it and I don't really remember it (but I'm pretty sure it was a multi chapter fic). I appreciate any and all help!

Morgan/Reid Fic Specific and General

Okay, hi totally new here! I am looking for a fic and it is driving me insane because I only really remember one part of it clearly.

The fic was Morgan/Reid and had parts that focuaed on how Morgan's past with Carl Buford affected him. The scene I remember clearly is Morgan and Reid kissing and Reid saying, "You know you want it Derek," and Morgan becoming upset because it is something Buford used to say and he responds, "No, I don't."

I know this is so little so I can't expect miracles but please help me if you can guys!

The general part is any fic that involves Morgan's past and how it affects his relationships and life. I do prefer Morgan/Reid but anything is fine. Also any fic recs of Morgan/Reid would be amazing!

Thank you guys for any help at all!

Finding a deleted story

Hi all. I've been desperately looking for the Reid/Riley series by Nuwanda31 for what seems like awhile. The stories use to be on Fanfiction.net but now they are gone. I would love to read the series again. Thank you!

Werewolf Fics

Hi everyone
I'm new here, and I just finish reading Wolf Moon.
So, I'm looking for any fics out there that has werewolf in them, but I prefer Hotch as the Alpha.
It doesn't matter if it's gen or slash, longer story the better.


Hi, I'm not sure what tags to put this under but I'm looking for a fic where the team is kidnapped and are locked in cages, and the unsub takes Reid out and upstairs to to rape him. Hotch says "take me instead, he's just a kid" but the unsub takes Spence anyway. Then everything goes quite upstairs and the unsub drags Spence downstairs again. His clothes are torn and that's how the team discovers that he's a transman.

Specific fic

I am in desperate need of help. I have wasted more time than I have trying to find a fic I read. What I remember of it was that Reid was leaving the BAU because he disliked how he was treated there. He had a job offer that I think was going to have him working if Africa. But I'm not positive. I do remember that the team threw him a goodbye party that was actually a 'let's bully Reid into staying' sort of thing. If anyone knows what this fic is I would be eternally grateful. It's been driving me nuts. Thanks so much!

Hotch/Prentiss Case Fic

Hi there!  I'm looking for a case fic where the unsub targets dark haired couples, and decides to go after Hotch and Emily, even though they're not in a relationship.  One is brewing between them, though.  I think at one point he sees them in a gas station, and Hotch is buying Reeses for Emily.  He possibly also slashes the tires to their SUV.  Thanks!

Parched Quill website

Hi there - new here! I am trying to access the Parched quill website, with Spinner's wonderful Hotch/Reid stories. It seems to be down. I was able to access the page on Wayback but it wouldn't take me to the AU to Canon stories that I so love. If anyone has any info, I would love to know.


Rossi/Prentiss Fic

I was wondering if there is a fic where Emily is in an abusive relationship and she tries to hide it. But Rossi finds out and well they can end up together or just friendship. Thanks!

Oct. 8th, 2015

Hi, I recently got into criminal minds and have been looking through peoples delicious pages and I keep coming across really good looking fics at theparchedquill.com but the site doesn't work and I can't find any of the fic at the wayback machine so I was wondering if anyone knows if the fic is anywhere else for me to read cause it looks really good to me. Thanks, Kat

Job Interview

hey guys/gals,
I need a little help finding a fic. All I remember is the an Agent comes to interview for the BAU, but ends up insulting everyone (i think) and at the end Hotch don't hire him because he don't know how to profile. Any help would be great.

Found : Book By It's Cover by Spense
This is my first posting to this community, so I hope I get it right. I can only remember a bit of the story. It takes place after the episode where Reid has to climb in the ditch. He re-injures the knee that had the bullet wound. The bit I remember is Hotch telling Rossi that Reid had to have several additional weeks of physical therapy, basically with no pain killers because of his previous addiction. Rossi feels guilty because he was the reason Reid had to climb in the ditch in the first place - maybe because Rossi didn't want to get his expensive shoes ruined? That's all I can recall. Sound familiar to anyone? Thanks!


I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago on fanfiction.net. Spencer's been in a relationship with Ethan Deveraux since he was a teen and they are married. The team don't know until a case comes up in New Orleans where the victims look like Spencer and Ethan is the prime suspect. Please someone help me.


So I am watching the end of Legacy. I am wondering if there were any fics written based on the comment from Hotch that while questioning the street people Reid was propositioned by every prostitute on the street? I would prefer it was a Hotch/Reid. Maybe it was jealous/possesive Hotch or Reid was proud of himself forvgetting the attention for a change or something along those lines.
I read this fic some time ago, but apparently didn't bookmark it. It was a fic in which the team were snowed in (either they couldn't fly back home due to the snow and were stuck out of town, or they were snowed in at one of their homes) and ended up volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter to serve a meal. I'm fairly sure that someone mistook them for having come to eat rather than volunteer. I wanna say that it was a holiday meal, either on or around Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I'm not positive.

Anyone have any idea what fic this is and where?

Edited 11/21:
Just found it here:
if anyone else was interested in it.

Reid fic

I know this is vague. I recall reading a story about Reid. The only thing I remember about it is that he lived in an apartment or house that is falling apart. It's the only place he can afford since he is paying for his mother's stay at Bennington. I think Gideon is in the story and he was upset when he found out where Reid lived.
Does this sound familiar to anybody?

Thanks in advance


There is a reid/ofc fanfic in which the team consults with a young chemistry professor who turns out to be reid's old friend. Can anyone help me in finding it??


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